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On the Radar — As Carol Wyer’s latest thriller The Chosen Ones prepares for lift-off, we bring you seven other brand new crime books – including a debut, a graphic novel, some domestic noir, a PI mystery and more. And, we’re asking one simple question: which of these books will make it into your TBR pile first? Post a comment below and let us know which one looks tastiest to you.

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The Chosen Ones by Carol Wyer
We’ve reached number five in the DI Robyn Carter series and a quiet Staffordshire community is thrown into turmoil when two seemingly unrelated killings occur within a few days of each other. There seems to be nothing to connect the two deaths, but as Carter starts her investigation she uncovers all manner of dark secrets which throw a new light on what’s been going on. And as she starts to home in on the perpetrator, the case takes on a deadly twist which could put her firmly in the firing line… Out 24 May
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The Old You by Louise Voss
The duchess of domestic noir is back with a dark and chilling standalone available now for Kindle. Lynn and Ed have enjoyed 10 happy years of marriage in London when Ed is diagnosed with early-onset dementia, and strange things begin to happen. We’re not talking lost keys or a struggle with words here, but as long-forgotten memories begin to surface, Lynn can only look on helplessly as her perfect little world begins to disintegrate. But is Ed’s mind playing tricks – or hers?
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Blood Standard by Laird Barron
Let’s welcome a new name to the gang – Alaskan ex-patriate Laird Barron, who now lives in New York State, where this hardboiled debut is set. Like the author, this story’s mob enforcer Isaiah Coleridge moves from Alaska to New York State. He’s escaping after a job that’s gone drastically wrong and is ready to embrace a quieter life. However, when a young girl goes missing Coleridge jumps right in with both feet and is soon attracting the kind of underworld attention he hoped to leave behind. Out 29 May.
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You Were Gone by Tim Weaver
The ninth in the series featuring investigator David Raker finds our hero embroiled in a case that is all too personal. Raker is still mourning the death of his wife Derryn, eight years ago, but when a woman turns up at a local police station claiming to be her, his world begins to crumble. Is it really Derryn? If so, then who did he bury – if, indeed, the funeral ever took place at all. Is he going mad? A shocking and intriguing London-based thriller, out 17 May, that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat right until the very end.
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Suburban Dick by CS Dewildt
The author of Love You To a Pulp is known for clever and hard-hitting modern pulp. His latest features private detective Gus Harris, a man who needs cash and who needs a case. When the parents of a missing teenage boy contact him, he jumps into the investigation and finds something fishy is going on at the boy’s high school, and in particular on the wrestling team. What is coach Hanson hiding, and what’s going to happen to Gus if he crosses him? We interviewed CS Dewildt here.
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Strangulation: Kubishime Romatnticist by NisiOisin
The Japanese novelist and manga writer NisiOisin is a big deal in the Land of the Rising Sun. He’s written at least nine different series, and Strangulation is the second book in debut storyline, Zaregoto. Anti-hero Iichan is at college now and doesn’t seem that interested in solving crimes until he’s drawn into an encounter with the serial killer Hitoshi Zerozaki, a man who makes killing an art form. It’s a different type of storytelling, with mystery and suspense as well as an exploration of these like talent and violence. The artwork is by Take. Out now.
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Liar’s Candle by August Thomas
Penny Kessler is a young intern based at the US Embassy in Ankara who wakes up in hospital the day after a devastating terrorist attack. A young diplomat, Zach Robson, is missing and powerful forces in the CIA have him down as a traitor. Everyone thinks Kessler holds some vital information and they are prepared to kill to keep her quiet. Who can she trust? And what is the truth? She teams up with Connor Beauregard, a rookie CIA officer in this debut international spy thriller that races across Turkey. Out now.
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