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Our new books report this week includes the latest David Raker novel by Tim Weaver, some creepy crawlies that make bodies disappear in the new novel by Tracy Buchanan, plus three indie crime novels that are also worth checking out – two from the US and one from Britain.

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The Missing Family by Tim Weaver

The Missing Family by Tim Weaver front cover

The Missing Family is number 13 in Tim Weaver’s endlessly unpredictable David Raker series, and lucky for us it comes out on 4 July. This time the missing persons investigator has not one, but two puzzles to unravel. A mother gets distracted for a moment and turns to discover her family has vanished from a dinghy in the middle of a lake, while a man suspected of killing a high roller manages to get out of a locked cell at a casino. He can’t be in two places at once, so Raker will need the help of his long-time ally, ex-detective Colm Healy, for this one. What they are about to uncover will put both of them in danger. Settle back and expect the unexpected.
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Venom in the Blood by Tracy Buchanan

Venom in the Blood by Tracy Buchanan front cover

It’s time to make the acquaintance of forensic entomologist Dr Vanessa Marwood in a new series from Tracy Buchanan. Vanessa’s job is to gather the vital evidence provided by insects at crime scenes, but her latest challenge is something of a first – a killer who weaves spider silk into the wounds of their victims. The murderer is operating in a place Vanessa vowed never to visit again, Greensands, her old home town, but she is lured by the prospect of a case that will test her skills to the limit. Which could prove to be a mistake, because the perpetrator has her firmly in their sights. Venom in the Blood arrives on 1 July.
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Moneymaker by Josh Boldt

Moneymaker by Josh Boldt front cover

Let’s head to the American South for Josh Boldt’s Moneymaker, out now. Navy veteran turned freelance surveillance expert Mack Abbott is finding civilian life hard in Atlanta and things take a dangerous turn when he is hired to track a drug shipment off the coast of Savannah. With the help – or should that be hindrance? – of exotic dancer Avery Calloway, Abbott must try to stay a step ahead of the smugglers if they’re to get out of this alive. Mack Abbott fans will discover his origin story in this book, set in 1997, two decades before the events of Slurry. 
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Armistice Day by John Fullerton

Armistice Day by John Fullerton front cover

Why would a vengeful British ex-soldier use his skills as a sniper to gun down the UK prime minister, the leader of the opposition and two ministers at the Cenotaph in the middle of the two-minute silence on Armistice Day? That’s the question facing Septimus Brass, National Crime Agency investigator in Armistice Day by John Fullerton, out on 28 June. The gunman escapes, disguised as a police officer – and as the manhunt progresses, Brass can’t find any answers as to why the former serviceman would turn rogue. This is the first in a new series from former MI6 agent and Reuters reporter Fullerton.
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The Tennessee Killers by Jethro Wegener

The Tennessee Killers by Jethtro Wegener front cover

Jack Reacher fans will enjoy the exploits of Vietnam vet Duke Gibbs, the creation of Jethro Wegener, who appears in The Tennessee Killers, out on 2 July. Duke was brought up on the mean streets of Harlem and doesn’t suffer fools gladly, so when two big bruisers try to put him down they aren’t prepared for what comes next. Suddenly Duke finds himself in the middle of a mystery that involves drugs, lies, murder – and a female in distress. Friday Jones has lost her brother and wants Duke’s help to find him. But in Oldfield, Tennessee no one is telling the truth – and truckloads of bullies, fanatics and trained killers are on their trail.
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