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Crime Fiction Lover was set in 2011 up by two journalists who love reading crime stories. We’re a micro business driven by a passion for everything from atmospheric noir to mystery thrillers to police procedurals and more. Over the years, we’ve grown alongside the rise of Kindle, eBooks and iBooks, discovering great new reads and sharing them with our readers. Of course, we will never overlook traditional print – because there’s nothing like the feel and smell of a freshly printed book.

Our aim is to bring you helpful and concise articles, covering as much of the genre as we can. From Scandinavian crime fiction through to hardboiled detectives, and from cutting edge contemporary right back to the Golden Age, wherever there’s a mystery novel, we’re interested. We can’t cover every new release, but we do our best, and try to provide fellow fans of the genre with the best impartial buying advice on the internet.

At Crime Fiction Lover, we love working with people across the industry, from the biggest publishing houses and TV production companies to the indie authors and small presses whose fresh ideas ensure the genre is fresh and ever-changing.

Since setting up, we’ve been joined by a team of like-minded experts in the genre, who make fantastic contributions to the website week in, week out.

Meet the team


A co-founder of the site, Garrick Webster is a copywriter, editor and journalist in fields as varied as design and illustration, office décor, typography and spirits branding. He enjoys reading all forms of crime fiction and is constantly watching crime shows, but what he really loves is discovering new authors and seeing them progress to become household names. Great storytelling is what he looks for most, and he can’t resist a good literary crime novel.

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Death Becomes Her Profile image

An experienced journalist and former Press Association reporter, Sandra Mangan has worked for newspapers across the North of England. As well as reviewing and feature writing, she is our eagle-eyed subeditor and also proofs manuscripts for authors and publishers. Sandra loves reading works by Michael Connelly, Elly Griffiths, Ann Cleeves, MW Craven and Ian Rankin.

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Crime Fiction Lover contributor Mike Parker

Mike Parker joined the Crime Fiction Lover team shortly after the site was established and has been a stalwart writer for us ever since. By day he works in older people’s mental health with special interests in crisis resolution and medical education. Whenever he has a moment, you’ll catch him reading all things noir. Contemporary noir. Classic noir. Rural noir. You get the idea. Now and again, he also enjoys a crime-horror crossover. Mike’s favourite authors include Ross Macdonald, Peter Temple and Joe R Lansdale.

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Vicki Weisfeld

Vicki Weisfeld Crime Fiction Lover contributor

Based in the Northeast of the United States, Vicki worked in the empirical world of life sciences before her imagination took over and she started writing crime fiction. She has had more than 40 short stories published in various magazines and anthologies, and is the author of the novel Architect of Courage. A regular reviewer on Crime Fiction Lover, Vicki’s favourites include Michael Connelly, George Pelecanos and Adrian McKinty. She has a wonderful literary website here.

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Sonja van der Westhuizen

Crime Fiction Lover contributor Sonja van der Westhuizen

Sonja is our correspondent in Cape Town, South Africa, reading crime fiction in English and Afrikaans. As such, we rely on her for the inside track on African crime fiction, however her reading roves far and wide. She’ll read anything with a dead body in it, bonus points if it’s Japanese crime fiction, Nordic noir or, more recently, horror. She particularly enjoys translated fiction, whether literary or crime oriented. In addition to reviewing for Crime Fiction Lover, she writes for magazines and newspapers in South Africa, her own review site and is a Ngaio Marsh Awards judge. She also works as a freelance copy editor, proofreader and graphic designer. Visit her website.

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Erin Britton

Crime Fiction Lover contributor Erin Britton

We rely heavily on Erin for her depth of knowledge when it comes to Golden Age and cosy crime fiction – although there are few corners of the genre she hasn’t tried. The former editor of NB Magazine, her reviews and articles have also appeared in Prairie Schooner, San Francisco Book Review, Split Lip and The Coil, among others. She is a freelance editor and proofreader. Erin is based in the UK.

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Paul Burke

Crime Fiction Lover contributor Paul Burke

Paul might just be our most energetic contributor and uses that energy to promote the crime fiction genre whenever he can. He enjoys a broad variety of novels and crime shows and is always keen to discover new authors who have a different take on things. He writes about fiction and non-fiction for Crime Fiction Lover, the European Literature Network and Crime Time and is the editor and presenter of the Crime Time FM podcast. Paul is a regular festival moderator, judge for the CWA Historical Dagger and is working on his first book of essays about crime fiction authors.

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Sharon Richardson

Crime Fiction Lover contributor Sharon Richardson

Based in Canada, Sharon brings her expertise in crime fiction from across that glorious nation to our site. However, her interest doesn’t stop at the 49th Parallel. Sharon loves any good mystery no matter where it comes from, particularly those that bring forward contemporary issues and question the norms and mistakes of today’s society. You may know her as Canada Hardcover on X/Twitter.

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Dave Bradley

Dave Bradley Crime Fiction Lover contributor

With 25 years of experience, Dave is a seasoned writer on entertainment topics but if Columbo is on, that’s what he’ll be watching. Formerly the editor-in-chief of sci-fi mag SFX and the publisher of Crime Scene magazine, his insight and editorial ideas are invaluable. David’s favourite crime film is LA Confidential, and he admires authors such as John le Carré, Jonathan KellermanYrsa Sigurðardóttir and Kathy Reichs. Follow him here on Twitter.

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We thank our past contributors who’ve included nagaisayonara, Catherine Turnbull, Marina Sofia, Kate Vane, Mal McEwan, Spriteby, Zac Colbert, Eva Dolan, Luca Veste, Lucy Conlon, R Thomas Brown, Raven, MyBookishWays, Micah Mintz, T-Dot, Nicolette Hamilton, Keith Nixon, Andre Paine, Andrew Nette, Philip Rafferty, Jacques Filippi, Rafe McGregor, Jeremy Megraw and David Prestidge.

The money

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