The Long Call

Written by Ann Cleeves — Jimmy Perez and the Shetland series are no more. Time for a wee break from writing then, Ann Cleeves? Errr, no. Instead, this prolific author has taken it upon herself to begin a whole new opus. Meet Detective Matthew Venn,…
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Fighting injustice

On the Radar — Whether it’s racism in the South (or anywhere else for that matter), women’s rights or wrongful convictions and cover-ups, crime fiction authors are often at the front of the queue when it comes to highlighting contentious social issues. This week, two…
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Wild Fire

Written by Ann Cleeves — And now the end is near and Jimmy Perez faces the final curtain… Yes, Ann Cleeves has certainly done it her way by announcing the end of the Shetland series, which began with Raven Black in 2009. There are eight books…
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Interview: Ann Cleeves

You might not hear quite as much about Ann Cleeves as you do about some of Britain’s other leading crime authors, but if you’re not picking up her books you are missing out. Since 1986, Ann has written over 30 of her insightful mysteries, been…
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