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On the Radar — With Mystery Road and Goldstone airing on BBC Four and awards for books like Jane Harper’s The Dry, we’re hit again this week with more Aussie noir as Harper releases her new standalone novel. From the dusty Outback to the Yorkshire Dales and on to World War I Paris and a bizarre utopian community, we’ve got all sorts of crime fiction in this week’s new books roundup. Read on and make your picks.

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The Lost Man by Jane Harper
We’re back in the depths of the Australian outback for Jane Harper’s third novel, after the rip-roaring success of The Dry and Force of Nature. Two brothers meet at the border of their adjoining properties in Queensland with one mission in mind: to find out the truth about the death of their middle brother, Cameron. Did things get too much for him and he did he walk off to die alone, or could it be murder? The Bright brothers are determined to learn the truth in this standalone which is being released on 23 October. On the book’s Australian launch date, readers around the world will be able to get the Kindle edition.
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A Snapshot of Murder by Frances Brody
Daring detective Kate Shackleton is in Bronte Country taking a break from work to pursue her love of photography. But a trip to Haworth with her local photographic group turns into a murder investigation when one of their party is killed. Did the loud-mouthed Tobias have more enemies than they might have imagined? Can Kate get to the bottom of it? And will she have the chance to snap a perfect shot while she’s in Yorkshire? This is the 10th in the series, and out on 25 October.
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Paris in the Dark by Robert Olen Butler
Here’s an interesting plot for you. It’s World War I and America hasn’t joined the fight on the Western Front but Americans are volunteering in Europe, and doing jobs such as driving ambulances in Paris. Chicago reporter Kit Cobb is there to get the story, but also to do a bit of snooping for the US government. When a bombing campaign begins in Paris, perhaps conducted by German emigres, Cobb’s mission becomes to find the culprits. After all, he’s a German speaker. Will his interest in a nurse called Louise get in the way of the… erm… ambulance chasing Kit? Out 25 October. We’ve previously reviewed The Star of Istanbul.
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Halcyon by Rio Youers
Rio Youers is known for his fantasy writing but maybe crime fiction lovers will be down with this horror-filled psychological thriller which packs a lot of action, and blood, if the cover’s anything to go by. Halcyon is a self-sustaining utopian community run by a woman calling herself Mother Moon. When Martin Lovegrove moves his family to Halcyon to escape the daily grind, everything seems fine at first. However, soon he finds there’s a darkness at the heart of a place pursuing eternal beauty and healing. The Kindle for this came out in July but if you want it as a paperback grab it on 23 October.
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Vanish in an Instant by Margaret Millar
This classic tale by Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Margaret Millar dates to 1952 and was last published in the UK in the late 1980s. About time for another airing then, and 25 October is the release date. Lawyer Eric Meecham scrapes a living with two-bit cases, but it seems his fortunes are about to change when he gets a chance to represent local socialite Virginia Hamilton, who’s been arrested for murder. Her mother will do anything to keep Virginia out of court – but isn’t the sudden arrival of a man who confesses to the crime a tad too convenient? Rediscover Margaret Millar with five more classic suggestions here.
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The Lonely Witness by William Boyle
Amy has left her former party girl persona behind and now lives a quiet life, spending her days offering communion to the housebound residents of Gravesend, Brooklyn. A conversation with Mrs Epifanio, one of her regular communicants, prompts Amy to follow Vincent, the son of the elderly woman’s carer, who has not been seen for several days. As Amy tails Vincent and another man to a dive bar she witnesses a murder – and suddenly her life is turned upside down… Already published in hardback, the paperback is out on 25 October.
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Seek: The Strange Case Continues by Anthony O’Neill
See what they did there? Haha! On 16 October you’ll be able to get hold of the next episode in Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale. In Anthony O’Neill’s story a new man has arrived in London claiming to be Dr Henry Jekyll, but Jekyll’s solicitor Mr Utterson knows the man is an imposter. Nonetheless, this fellow manages to claim not only Jekyll’s estate but also a good many of his friends. But who is he and what is he actually up to?
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