On the Radar: Ambrose Parry, you say?

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Lovers of historical crime fiction can get ready for a treat as Ambrose Parry, the time travelling pen name of Chris Brookmyre and his partner Maria Haetzman, serves up an 1853 Edinburgh mystery with echoes of the bodysnatchers Burke and Hare. There seems to be a seam of tartan in our news report this week, as we also have titles for you by Rebecca McKanna, Amy McCulloch and Claire McGowan – each book is a thriller of different sorts, but none is actually set in Scotland. However, the city of York looms large in indie author Alex Robert’s latest, The Dead Don’t Talk.

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Voices of the Dead by Ambrose Parry

Voices of the Dead by Ambrose Parry front cover

We’re in Edinburgh, the year is 1853, and body parts have been found at the Surgeons’ Hall. They’re not anatomy specimens though, and in a city still haunted by the exploits of Burke and Hare, Dr Will Raven is tasked with heading off a scandal. When further appendages are discovered, Raven calls on former housemaid turned aspiring medic Sarah Fisher to help uncover the culprit – but the man they seek is a master of disguise. Voices of the Dead is the fourth book in a series that has been shortlisted for both the McIlvanney Prize and CWA Historical Dagger, and began with The Way of All Flesh. Written by Ambrose Parry, AKA Chris Brookmyre and his wife Maria Haetzman, it’s published on 15 June.
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Don’t Forget the Girl by Rebecca McKanna

Don't Forget the Girl by Rebecca McKanna front cover

Murderers make headlines, but who remembers their victims? That’s the question asked in Don’t Forget the Girl by American debut author Rebecca McKanna, out on 20 June. It was 12 years ago that 18-year-old University of Iowa freshman Abby Hartmann disappeared. Now, Jon Allan Blue, the serial killer suspected of her murder, is about to be executed and the media is filled with stories about him. Abby’s best friends, Bree and Chelsea, watch as Abby’s memory is unearthed and overshadowed by Blue and his flashier crimes. Why should Abby be forgotten? They’ve been estranged for years, but now the women reunite as a high-profile podcast dedicates its next season to Blue’s murders.
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Midnight by Amy McCulloch

Midnight by Amy McCulloch front cover

Author Amy McCulloch is something of an adventurer, having climbed two of the world’s highest peaks, completed an ultra marathon in the Sahara and visited all corners of the world – including Antarctica, where her latest thriller is set. Olivia’s life in London is falling apart at the seams, so she jumps at the chance of a once-in-a-lifetime cruise to the Antarctic with boyfriend Aaron. The scenery is spectacular, the summer sun never sets, and Olivia is having the time of her life… until Aaron disappears and a body is found on board the cruise vessel. Suddenly Olivia is alone and has nobody she can turn to. Will she make it back home alive? Midnight is published on 22 June
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Let Me In by Claire McGowan

Let Me In by Claire McGowan front cover

Fans of domestic noir will be thrilled to learn that Claire McGowan is back with Let Me In, out on 20 June. Helen and George have managed to bag a run down property in Cornwall. It’s the ultimate fixer-upper, but with plenty of TLC the young couple is convinced they can turn it into a dream home, and leave behind the problems they’re both running from. But something about the place feels wrong from day one – and why does Helen have a weird feeling she’s seen this house before? As the renovations start, strange dolls are found hidden in the walls. Apparently, the house was once home to a woman rumoured to be a witch, and that’s not the only secret about to be uncovered… because neither Helen nor George has been entirely honest with each other.
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The Dead Don’t Talk by Alex Robert

The Dead Don't Talk by Alex Robert front cover

Shamed in court, his reputation dragged through the gutter, York DI Jack Husker is assigned to desk duties following accusations of a personal vendetta against a notorious local crime lord. He’s preparing for a quiet life, but a simple case soon turns the focus back on Husker. A series of witnesses disappear from the city’s streets – and each of them has links to the disgraced detective. Could this be a chance for him to redeem himself? The second book in the DI Jack Husker series, The Dead Don’t Talk by indie author Alex Robert is published on 20 June.
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