The photographer, the journalist, the wife and the crime fiction lover

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On the Radar — Yes, our new books column this week brings you enough crazy killers, possible killers, and compromised protagonists to populate any Peter Greenaway movie. We’ve got previews here of new domestic noir, Scandinavian crime fiction, a Glaswegian treat and more than one case of brutal murder. Which will be top of your to-be-read pile?

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The Photographer by Craig Robertson
The discovery of hundreds of seemingly random photographs set DI Rachel Narey and Tony Winter on a dangerous course. The images belong to a suspected rapist, but when they are ruled inadmissable in court and he walks free, Narey is haunted by the promise she made to his victims. Meanwhile, police photographer Winter has troubles of his own, with his young family targeted by internet trolls. Can the pair trace the unknown subjects of the photographer’s lens, before he strikes again? Find out more about the author’s work here. Out 23 January.
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The Wife by Alafair Burke
Angela’s quiet existence changes dramatically when she meet and marries Jason Powell in Alafair Burke‘s latest novel. He’s a man on the up and as his star shines ever brighter Angela finds herself in the spotlight with him. Which is troubling, because Angela has been hiding a tragic past. When Jason becomes the subject of serious allegations, Angela faces a life-shattering dilemma. Stand by her man or save herself? Out 23 January.
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Killed by Thomas Enger
Norwegian author Thomas Enger’s series featuring investigative journalist Henning Juul continues with Killed. The overarching storyline – Juul’s quest to catch his son’s killer – takes over in this much anticipated finale, and it brings a major conflict for the hack. Why? Because he discovers that his own sister Trine his implicated in the boy’s death. It looks as though everyone Juul thought he could trust is hiding something from him. The book is out now, and follows Cursed, which was among our top 10 Nordic noir novels of 2017.
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29 Seconds by TM Logan
An act of kindness comes back to haunt a young woman in this psychological thriller, out 25 January. When Sarah helps a young girl in trouble, she wants no reward or thanks, but her actions set in train a dramatic series of events. For Sarah’s selfless action puts her in the debt of a very dangerous and violent man, and he wants to repay it in the only way he knows how. Just give the word, and he can make all her problems vanish – all it will take is a 29-second phone call… So, if you happen to have offended Sarah recently, then look out!
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Killer Choice by Tom Hunt
Would you murder someone to save a loved one? That’s the decision faced by Gary Foster. He’s running a new business with his brother and living a quiet life of domestic bliss. It’s all turned upside down when his pregnant wife, Beth, collapses. She has an inoperable brain tumour. The only glimmer of hope is an expensive treatment in Germany but how to pay for it? A mysterious character, Otto, offers him the money if he kills someone… And soon Gary is pulled into a series of desperate moral choices in this debut domestic noir thriller. Released 30 January.
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Restless Coffins by MP Wright
In 1960s Bristol private investigator JT Ellington gets the tragic news of his sister’s murder and sets off for his birth country of Barbados. He needs financial help from his gangster cousin, Vic, and a stop-off in Harlem is part of the package. Disturbingly, JT is soon finding close links between Vic’s blossoming criminal empire and the murder of JT’s wife and daughter in a terrible fire. Add drugs, voodoo, and a compelling PI into the melting pot. JT Ellington first appeared in Heartman and fans of Walter Mosley will warm to this Bajan historical detective. Out 25 January.
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Hydra by Matt Wesolowski
Podcaster Scott King – previously seen in Six Stories – is an investigative reporter who rakes over cold cases for his show. He finds himself speaking to Arla Macleod who, in 2014, murdered her mother, stepfather, and younger sister with a hammer. King gets pulled into the mystery. Why on earth did a young woman batter her closest family to death? Like Wesolowski’s well received debut the tale is told through an interview transcript as King speaks to five witnesses and Arla herself. We are promised a creepy atmosphere with black-eyed children and dark rituals to haunt us as the tale of the massacre unfolds. Out now.
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