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House of Spines

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In House of Spines Michael Malone treats his readers to a spooky and at times disturbing psychological thriller. Ran McGhie, inherits a sprawling mansion and all its contents along with a monthly payment sufficient to cover his costs from a man called Fitzpatrick – someone he’s never heard of. In return Ran must immediately move in and ensure the extensive collection of books in the library is maintained.

Ran can use the house for life and pass it on to his children, but he can’t sell it. Fitzpatrick’s children are keen for the place to go and for them all to profit and a tug of war over the property ensues. Then Ran starts seeing things. The ghost of a woman appears to him.

With the gothic undertones, a seemingly haunted house, and several voices from the past plus a clever plot in the present, House of Spines has plenty to pull you in. Read our full review here.

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