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On the Radar — Harlan Coben can usually be counted upon for a novel with a unique concept, and his latest heads up our On the Radar Column because it looks like a doozy. It features a deep woods man who becomes key in the search for a missing child. From New Jersey, we’ll then take you on a crime fiction tour that takes in Poland, Florida, Scotland and Louisiana. Cold, hot, cold hot, you could say… Read on and pick your next crime fiction novel.

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The Boy from the Woods by Harlan Coben

The Netflix series of his book The Stranger is currently getting people talking, now the king of the twisty-turny thriller, Harlan Coben, is back with another story that will keep you guessing, out 19 March. It’s 30 years since a near-feral young boy was found eking out a life in the New Jersey backwoods. Now ex-soldier and security expert Wilde is living off the grid again and generally shunned by society. Until a child goes missing and his help is needed – but even Wilde’s exceptional skills can’t find her. Then things take a sinister turn and a finger arrives in the post…
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Blinded by the Lights by Jakub Zulczyk

Hailed in the marketing materials for this book as the Polish James Ellroy, Jakub Zulczyk’s Blinded by the Lights was a hit in his own country and now finds its way into English translation. It follows the trail of Kuba, a Warsaw cocaine dealer who normally doesn’t sample the product. One day when collecting his fees from a local nightclub owner, Kuba loses his cool and so does his client. Kuba is swept along in the consequences, putting his life at risk. Zulczyk is also a screenwriter and with its success Blinded by the Lights has already been made into an HBO Europe TV series. The book lands 16 March.
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The Swamp Killers

Also out on 16 March is The Swamp Killers, a collection of stories edited by Sarah M Chen and EA Aymar and set in Jacksonville, Florida. Each of the 16 participating authors has been given a short synopsis of a crime and been asked to write their version of what happened, and it should make for fascinating reading. What we know is that small-time criminal Timmy Milici has run off with Melody Dulpass, heiress to an Atlanta crime family. Her mother has put a price on his head, alongside the return of her daughter. A great chance to try the work of Aymar, Chen, Hilary Davidson, Alex Dolan, Wendy Tyson and more, in a hot and sweaty setting.
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The Blood is Still by Douglas Skelton

We first met local reporter Rebecca Connolly in Thunder Bay, now she’s back for a second instalment. The body of a man in full Highland dress is found with a sword through his chest on the historical site of the Battle of Culloden. No one knows who he is, but Rebecca senses a story and is determined to get it. Meanwhile, the imminent rehousing of a known paedophile on an Inverness estate triggers protests and sets tempers to boiling point – but why does a member of a well known criminal gang want to get Rebecca on side? This one is out now.
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No Truth Left to Tell by Michael McAuliffe

This debut legal thriller from former federal civil rights prosecutor Michael McAuliffe is out now. It’s set in Louisiana in the mid-1990s, where a renegade bunch of Ku Klux Klan members are burning crosses and terrorising the residents of a small town. The hate crimes summon up horrific memories for one of the victims, elderly Nettie Wynn, who as a child witnessed white townspeople lynch a black man. Federal civil rights prosecutor Adrien Rush and Lee Mercer, a seasoned local FBI special agent work together on the case, but their investigation styles are worlds apart – and that clash of ideologies could lead to guilty men walking free.
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