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On the Radar — Publishers have ramped things up – perhaps in time for the summer holiday reading spree everyone has planned. This week’s selection of seven new release reflects the fact that the presses are working overtime, and brings you tales that are certainly bizarre, twisted and downright impenetrable. Our site is read by people all around the world, and that’s reflected here too, with books covering Alabama, Norway, Italy, Vancouver and good old Blighty. There’s also a good mix of seasoned crime authors, and new upstarts snapping at their heels…

Killing GameThe Killing Game by JA Kerley
Detective Carston Ryder is the Alabama Mobile Police Department’s specialist in bizarre and twisted crimes, but he’s about to meet his match in Romanian immigrant Gregory Nieves. Having been humiliated by an officer from the department, Nieves decides to launch a personal vendetta against Ryder and sets out on a sadistic killing spree designed to baffle him. No connection between the victims, different murder weapons have been used, and each crime scenes devoid of evidence. Who will win The Killing Game? Watch for our review soon.
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coldhearts100Cold Hearts by Gunnar Staalesen
It’s a frosty January in Bergen. Private detective Varg Veum is on the trail of a missing prostitute. Before Margrethe disappeared, she’d turned away a client and seemed more than a little unsettled. It isn’t long before he discovers a body… and more corpses are on the way. Veum is heading into a dark subculture with deadly consequences. Cold Hearts is out now as a paperback, with the Kindle version arriving on 1 July.
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Gilded EdgeThe Gilded Edge by Danny Miller
London 1965. Vince Treadwell is investigating two deaths that appear to be poles apart. The first victim is an aristocratic playboy. The other, a young black nurse. It’s an investigation that will lead him through the illegal drinking dens in Notting Hill, on to gangster-run nightclubs in Soho, and the exclusive gaming tables of the Montcler Club in Berkeley Square. The Gilded Edge is a tale of espionage, black power leaders, crime bosses and aristocrats, and it’s out now for Kindle. The print version arrives 18 July.
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PimpThe Pimp by Giorgio Faletti
Our fourth book takes us to Milan in the late 1970s. Politician Aldo Moro has been kidnapped by left-leaning terrorist group the Red Brigade. Enter Bravo. He’s enigmatic and cynical, with a taste for luxury restaurants, underground nightclubs and cabarets, but he’s about to make a mistake that will change his life. When the mysterious Carla comes into his life, he can’t resist the temptation of entering into an affair with her. Before long he finds himself hunted by the police, organised crime and the Red Brigade. The web surrounding him is closing quickly. The Pimp is available for Kindle now, and in print on 18 July.
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beautifulmystery100The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny
Louise Penny is a New York Times bestselling author who, in 2006, won the CWA John Creasey Dagger for her novel Still Life. Her detective, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, has already investigated seven cases and now he’s back for his eighth, which takes him into the devout cloisters of his local monastery. It is home to 24 monks and an environment of serenity, prayer and beautiful music, but the angel of death is about and Gamache is called in when one of the brothers is found brutally slain. The Beautiful Mystery is out for Kindle already, and Sphere is releasing the paperback on 5 July.
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The Ways of the World smallThe Ways of the World by Robert Goddard
Master thriller writer Robert Goddard has written more than 20 novels, many of which have reached the Sunday Times’ top 10 bestsellers and won the Edgar for Best Original Paperback in 2011 for Long Time Coming. His latest offering, The Ways of the World, takes us back to 1919 and the aftermath of the Great War. All eyes are on Paris where diplomats and politicians have gathered to discuss the way forward. However, when senior diplomat, Sir Henry Maxted falls to his death from the roof of his mistress’ apartment, the circumstances are decidedly dicey and the rest of the British delegation are keen to hush the matter up. Henry’s son, ex-Royal Flying Corp ace James ‘Max’ Maxted, has other ideas. He’s determined to find out the truth about his father’s demise, but it’s not going to be an easy task. Max has one further complication to deal with: determining who he can trust. The Ways of the World is out on 4 July.
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OboeOboe by Robert P French
Last year we reviewed a unique book with the striking title of Junkie. In it, self-published author Robert P French introduced Cal Rogan, an ex-cop who got hooked on drugs while working undercover. After busting a drugs ring with links to both biotech companies and corrupt financiers, and desperately trying to kick the heroin, Cal has been allowed back onto the Vancouver police force for his second book. This time, he’s tasked with investigating the murder of a boy who was about the age of his daughter, Ellie. This time the book deals with themes including autism, strange religions and, of course, the drug addiction problem that follows Cal Rogan everywhere.
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