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Yes, This is the Night They Come for You is here and it’s a good choice to lead off our weekly new books report. Robert Goddard’s new book is a mystery tinged by the dying age of empire – with the French getting the boot from Algeria. Perhaps it’s fitting as we witness a new form of imperialism rising in the East. We’ve also got a new book playing on that true crime blogging thang with the latest from Simone St James, and three indie crime novels for you to check out care of messrs Andy Rausch, Scott Nickerson and Paul Brackley.

All you need to do is check em out and decide which one to read…

This is the Night They Come For You by Robert Goddard

This is the Night They Come for You by Robert Goddard front cover

Who needs to plan a trip abroad when you have a Robert Goddard novel sitting on the bookshelf? In The Fine Art of Invisible Detection, readers were transported to Japan, Iceland and London; in This is the Night They Come For You – out on 24 March – we’re in Algeria, where Superintendent Taleb, coasting towards retirement, with not even an air-conditioned office to show for his years of service, is handed a ticking time bomb of a case which will take him deep into his country’s troubled past and fraught relationship with France. Worst of all, he is paired with Agent Hidouchi, an intimidating member of the country’s feared secret service, who makes it clear she intends to call the shots…
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The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St James

The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St James front cover

Shea Collins is a receptionist by day, true crime blogger by night. Her podcast The Book of Cold Cases is ticking along nicely, but when Shea’s request to interview Beth Greer, acquitted of two Oregon killings, is given the green light, she is thrust into the big time. They meet regularly at Beth’s mansion, though Shea is never comfortable there. Items move when she’s not looking, and she could swear she’s seen a girl outside the window. The allure of learning the truth about the case from the smart, charming Beth is too much to resist — but is Shea making the mistake of her life? Best selling author Simone St James’ latest chiller is out on March 15.
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Hell to Pay by Andy Rausch

Hell to Pay by Andy Rausch front cover

Meet Robert ‘Diggy’ Diggs and Dwayne ‘Stick’ Figgers in Hell to Pay, first in a new series of off-kilter, blackly humorous novels from Andy Rausch, out on 14 March. Diggy and Stick are dirty ex-cops and they’re in deep, deep trouble. They’ve got on the wrong side of Kansas City drug lord Benny Cordella and he’s out for their blood – literally. Benny’s crazy plan is to force the pair to commit suicide. This, he believes, will send them to Hell, where they will track down Dread Corbin, the man who killed his daughter. As Diggy and Stick will soon discover, Hell is real – and you really don’t want to go there.
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The Informants by Scott Nickerson

The Informants by Scott Nickerson front cover

Former Drug Enforcement Administration agent-turned-author Scott Nickerson uses his inside knowledge to great effect in The Informants, out now. After the wife of a Mexican Cartel leader is poisoned while having dinner with her young daughter El Jefe offers a $10 million reward for the murder of the waiter responsible for the poisoning, as well as whoever ordered the hit. Meanwhile, the DEA holds a conference in Southern California which has brought together agents investigating the same members of El Jefe’s cartel. With the two worlds about to collide in violent fashion, information is gold and informants are kings.
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Bitcoin Heist by Paul Brackley

The Bitcoin Heist by Paul Brackley front cover

There’s a battle of minds and intelligence at the heart of Bitcoin Heist, Paul Brackley’s action and suspense thriller that’s out now. Jerome thought it was going to be easy – a simple outpatient operation to implant the French language chip in his brain and voila! an immediate mastery of the lingo. But he was sadly mistaken. Instead, the op leads him into a £100 million investment scam involving cryptocurrencies, dealings with a Russian oligarch and his violent henchmen, and meeting the girl of his dreams. Does Jerome have the chops to survive it all?
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