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Just as COVID restrictions have eased we’ve now got the heightened worry that every living thing on the planet could soon be vaporised in a nuclear cataclysm… but at least there’s our weekly newsletter to distract you. And anyway, as crime fiction lovers, we’re used to a bit of tension, right?

Our report begins with a new name from Norway as Silje Ulstein releases Reptile Memoirs for the first time in English. We’ve also got a debut from an Irish author, new Simone Buchholz novel translated from German the latest by Carol Wyer and Len Joy.

Read on and find your next crime read…

Reptile Memoirs by Silje Ulstein

Reptile Memoirs by Silje Ulstein front cover

The cold-bloodedness of humanity is explored in Reptile Memories, Silje Ulstein’s bestselling Norwegian debut, out on 17 March. It’s a twisty and unusual literary thriller, set in Western Norway – and yes, it does feature a snake, a Burmese python called Nero. It belongs to Liv, and as we first meet her she is a young woman with secrets, sharing a flat with friends. Move 13 years on and Liv is mother to 11-year-old Iben. But when her daughter mysteriously diaappears, Detective Roe Olsvik is assigned to the case. He thinks Liv knows more than she’s letting on but there is much more to this case and these characters than their outer appearances would suggest.
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River Clyde by Simone Buchholz

River Clyde by Simone Buchholz

Written by Simone Buchholz and translated by Rachel Ward, River Clyde is already out for Kindle, with the print version appearing on 17 March. It’s the latest in the series featuring state prosecutor Chastity Riley, and after tragic recent events, she’s getting away from it all in Scotland, lured to the birthplace of her great-great-grandfather by a mysterious letter suggesting she has inherited a house. The inheritance brings with it a host of family secrets… Meanwhile, in Hamburg, Stepanovic and Calabretta investigate a major arson attack, while a group of property investors kicks off an explosion of violence that threatens everyone. 
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The Truth Will Out by Rosemary Hennigan

The Truth Will Out by Rosemary Hennigan front cover

Say hello to Rosemary Hennigan, a new name in Irish writing who has been causing quite a buzz with her atmospheric thriller. Dara Gaffney is just out of drama school when she lands the leading role in a revival of Eabha de Lacey’s hugely successful play, based on the true story of the death of Cillian Butler. Many say Eabha had an ulterior motive when she penned it – Cillian’s death still remains a mystery and Eabha and her brother, Austin, were the only witnesses. But as the actors immerse themselves in the roles and the truth of Cillian’s fate becomes clear, history could be about to repeat itself. The Truth Will Out is published on 17 March
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A Life for a Life by Carol Wyer

A Life for a Life Front by Carol Wyer front cover

The latest in Carol Wyer‘s police procedural series featuring DI Kate Young finds the officer torn. She is still desperate to avenge the murder of her journalist husband Chris, when a serial killer begins a spree on Young’s Staffordshire patch. The shadowy murderer uses a stun gun usually employed in the humane killing of animals, but there’s nothing humane about the way he dispatches his first victim at a railway station. As the body count begins to rise, Young and her team struggle to find any connection between the victims. Stress levels are high and as the pressure mounts both at work and at home, it looks like Young is on the edge of breaking down completely. A Life for a Life is out on 15 March.
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Dry Heat by Len Joy

Dry Heat by Len Joy front cover

Joey Blade has just won a football scholarship and he’s celebrating at a bonfire at his high school when his world goes bang – literally. First, ex-girlfriend Mallory tells him she’s pregnant, then the bonfire explodes. Joey leaves the scene with his latest squeeze, Wendy, and her drug dealer friend TJ. But when the police catch up with them, Wendy and TJ disappear and Joey is left to carry the can for attempted murder. How is he going to get out of this one? In desperation Joey turns to a gang leader he meets in jail and asks for help. He needs to find TJ, but is the price too high? Dry Heat by Len Joy is out now.
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