Bizarre, twisted & downright impenetrable

On the Radar — Publishers have ramped things up – perhaps in time for the summer holiday reading spree everyone has planned. This week’s selection of seven new release reflects the fact that the presses are working overtime, and brings you tales that are certainly…
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The Gilded Edge

Written by Danny Miller — Danny Miller’s 2011 debut, Kiss Me Quick, was a well-observed and thoroughly engaging period piece lifting the lid on the dark side of 1960s Brighton, with its mods and rockers tearing up the beach, porn barons, mafiosi and corrupt police….
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Interview: Danny Miller

Danny Miller is the author of the Vince Treadwell novels, which expose the dark heart of the Swinging 60s. The second installment, The Gilded Edge, was released last week and this book continues in the same strong vein as his debut Kiss Me Quick. Atmospheric…
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