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Since our launch last week, we’ve added two new review writers to the Crime Fiction Lover roster. GuiltyConscience is a blogger with a passion for crime novels and criminology. He’s based in Liverpool. Before we launched our website, I came across his reviews amongst those at Amazon and was mighty impressed. After CFL went live, by serendipity, we met GuiltyConscience on Twitter and I checked out his fantastic site. The rest is history. Or it will be, once some history has happened.

Anyhow, we hope to see his first review in a week or so – can’t wait.

Our other new star is Nicolette who writes from London. She’s got a new-found passion for crime fiction after enjoying shows like Wallander, The Killing and (to a lesser extent) CSI on television. Her first review is already up on the site – please take a look at Nicolette’s intelligent appraisal of Karin Fossum’s Bad Intentions. She’s taking an interest in female authors and another review is on its way. “Just not too much blood and gore,” has been Nicolette’s request.

Would you like to write for us? If so drop us a line at info <at> We are particularly interested in finding a writer based in the US or Canada who wants to review books for us.


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