The Power of the Dog

The bad America that Ellroy does so well, and that DeLillo sometimes chronicles, is powerfully evoked in Don Winslow’s own lucid storytelling. Poetic and abrasive at the same time, he drags your raw and sorry ass into the world of Art Keller, a Vietnam vet and DEA officer whose job it is to stem the tide of narcotics into the US from Central America. Like the hydra of myth, when once cartel head is severed two seem to grow back in its place. Read it – it’s one of the most powerful, troubling and best-written books based on drug-running written in years.

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  1. Editorial Hipálage Reply

    Fantastic review. Also, I recommend this reading:

    “A future in the past”, Francisco Zaragoza Esbrí

    “This book will not disappoint. It was one of ten finalists for the Planeta Prize in 2004”. “”Physicist, David Goodwill has found a way of travelling in time. He is forced to try it out when he finds himself in the North Tower of the New York Twin Towers on the morning of September 11, 2001…”. Translated by Gwenydd Grace Jones

    “The new worldwide bestseller: an extraordinary novel, optimistic and full of vitality”.

    Francisco Zaragoza Esbrí was born in 1948, in Barcelona, Spain. A chemical engineer, he combines his profession with his vocation as a novelist. This work sees a fusion of his enthusiasm, versatility and enterprise in a novel that deals with a wide range of issues. ‘A future in the past’ was published in November 2006, in Spain, under its original title of Un futuro en el pasado. It was the first of six novels that have been published to date. His other titles include: Reencuentro, El murmullo de las aguas bravas, La génesis de los dioses menores, El otro foco de la hipérbola and La leyenda de las calaveras de cristal. ‘A future in the past’ is a novel written from the heart, which will touch even the most indifferent of readers. The plot takes the main character and the reader on a journey to an unknown world full of new rules and hidden dangers. Its unexpected ending gives every reader the chance to use their imagination to find answers to their own puzzles and mysteries.

    More information on:

    A free trial of the book on:

    Editorial Hipálage.

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