Book Club

When We Fall

Two women and an airman with ice blue eyes are in jeopardy, and at the heart of this smart World War II thriller by Carolyn Kirby. Vee Katchatourian is a pilot ferrying new aircraft to RAF airfields in England when she meets Polish-born flier Stefan…
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Heartbreaks and Half-truths

Edited by Judy Penz Sheluk — A memorable collection! If you like short crime fiction with the impact of a shiv’s thrust or the attention-grab of a loaded .38, this collection is right up your dark alley. Yes, there’s heartbreak, and those half-truths will get…
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Murder by the Minster

Written by Helen Cox — This debut mystery book by the author of two romantic novels is a mash up of cosy crime, comedy, romance, action (a thrilling car chase) and police procedural, featuring a librarian in the women’s studies department of a fictional university…
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