Unforgotten season 5 comes to PBS Masterpiece

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Unforgotten ITV crime show

With its in-depth and always emotional cold case investigations, Unforgotten is one of the best crime shows to appear on UK television in recent years, and from 3 September 2023 viewers in North America will be able to enjoy the fifth series of the programme.

PBS Masterpiece has just released this superb trailer to entice you, and (dramatic music) thank heavens for the subtitles. Those British accents, eh? (We’re just messing.)

Season five of Unforgotten sees big changes in the Metropolitan Police team charged with investigating historical murders. Cassie Stewart (Nicola Walker) was tragically killed in an RTA at the end of season four leaving her number two, DI Sunny Kahn (Sanjeev Bhaskar) bereft. Now her replacement has arrived but it’s all sandpaper between DCI Jessica James (Sinéad Keenan) and the normally empathetic and easy-going Sunny.

When a body is discovered inside a bricked in fireplace in an old London townhouse, DCI James isn’t even sure she wants to take the case. Police budgets. But the team quickly show that this was a murder and start generating leads, with connections stretching right up into the British government and across the Thames into the down and out squats inhabited by heroin addicts and petty thieves. It’s powerful stuff as always from writer Chris Lang. The question is, will you take to DCI James or will you pine for Cassie Stewart?

To read more, see our series preview when launched in the UK in February. North American viewers can catch up on seasons one to four here on PBS Passport, while UK viewers can watch all five series on ITV X.

Unforgotten season five cast shot

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