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Janice Hallett interviewed by Jacky Collins, AKA Dr Noir

Star signs, the decline of local journalism and how writing a book is like making an omelette – such a wide range of discussion subjects can only mean one thing… a new edition of The Doctor Will See You Now, the video interview series led by Dr Jacky Collins, AKA Doctor Noir.

This time she is chatting to Janice Hallett, whose third novel, The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels, came out in January. It’s a book that Jacky describes as “Weighty, but flows so beautifully that you will be lost in it”, and Janice Hallett reveals: “I wanted to employ everything I’d learned from writing my first two books and put it in a third.” That certainly worked, as it gained a five-star review here on our site.

Hallett has been a magazine editor, award winning journalist, playwright and screen writer and it was when she hit a dry patch in the latter that she turned to writing crime novels. “You drawn on everything in your life in your books – everything I have done has led to this moment,” she says. Her other novels include The Appeal and The Twyford Code, and she’s known for taking an epistolary approach to her narrative, using everything from letters and police documents to pod cast transcriptions to tell the story. Here, however, we bring you a video interview, so why not settle back and enjoy the ride?

You can read our interview with Janice Hallett here.

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