The doctor will see you now… Ronnie Turner

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Crime fiction author Ronnie Turner interviewed by Dr Noir

It’s time for the first 2023 edition of Dr Jacky Collins’ video interview series The Doctor Will See You Now, and settling onto the couch is Waterstones bookseller and author Ronnie Turner, whose second novel, So Pretty, is now displayed in prominent positions in her shop and in countless other places, both online and in real life.

It’s a psychological thriller set in the little East Sussex town of Rye, and perfect for fans of “darkness and sinister malevolence”, according to Dr Noir. At the centre of the tale is a curiosity shop where Teddy works. He is the son of a serial killer, and came to Rye to get away from his past and start afresh – but his place of work, and Mr Vincent who owns it, are objects of fear to the townsfolk. Teddy is warned to give up his job, and fast. He has no one to turn to, except for equally lonely single mother Ada, and the pair are drawn together. Then things get dark…

“This is a novel that asks big questions about who we are and how we function and behave,” comments Dr Noir, while Turner, who admits to having an interest in human nature and psychology, adds: “I’ve always had a dark heart to my stories – and the next one will be a little bit darker.”

This latest edition presents an interesting discussion of everything from scary china dolls and Rebecca, to border collies and serendipity. Find a comfy chair and enjoy the video interview between Jacky Collins and Ronnie Turner.

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