The doctor will see you now… Kitty Murphy

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Crime author Kitty Murphy and Dr Noir Jacky Collins

Debut crime author Kitty Murphy moved from London to the west coast of Ireland 20 years ago, and it is her adopted country that features in Death in Heels, which is set amid the drag community of Dublin, in a fictional club called Trash.

Kitty talks with Dr Jacky Collins about the book and its inspiration in the latest edition of The Doctor Will See You Now video interview series. “I had this idea of writing a murder mystery in the drag world,” Kitty explains. “Drag is my happy place and it’s been so much fun to write.” Jacky agrees: “Despite the murders, you make it a very welcoming place.”

The acknowledgements at the end of the book include Rupert, Kitty’s labrador, and drag queen Victoria Secret. “The Dublin drag community has been incredibly kind,” says Kitty, who adds that the message of her book is: “Come in, join us, be part of the Trash team – there’s room for everybody!” There’s something for everyone in this interview too – it covers everything from firearms and lichens to jumble sales and drag shows!

Watch the video below, and try the book via the button underneath.

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