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From a wild ride into the Outback to close, claustrophobic thrillers and twisting and turning mysteries, this week’s new crime novels give you plenty to choose from. We lead off this week with Australian crime author Gabriel Bergmoser’s second crime novel and it looks action packed. We’ve also got one of the biggest names in Latin American literature as the Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa presents an international thriller that cuts to the heart of US policy and propaganda on his continent. Giving people in high places a poke… we love it. Read on and choose your next new crime read…

The Inheritance by Gabriel Bergmoser

The Inheritance by Gabriel Bergmoser front cover

He burst onto the scene with The Hunted, which earned a five star review on this site last year. Now Gabriel Bergmoser is back with The Inheritance, another high-octane thriller to keep you up late as the nights draw in here in the Northern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, towards the opposite pole, Maggie is hiding out in a sleepy North Queensland tourist town, keeping herself to herself and trying to stay anonymous. That would all be fine, but then she stumbles across a dangerous drugs cartel. What she does next has consequences and soon Maggie is on the run, with a dubious cop as her ally, the police tracking her and a dangerous biker gang on their trail. Sounds like another cracker – and not too long to wait, as it’s out on 4 November!
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The Missing Hours by Julia Dahl

The Missing Hours by Julia Dahl front cover

She’s a young woman with everything – a famous family, trust fund, thousands of Instagram followers and a spot in NYU’s freshman class, but one night she drinks far too much and as a result Claudia Castro’s perfect world shatters into a million pieces. What exactly happened is pretty much a blur, but it leads Claudia to cut herself off from family and friends, instead taking up with a new buddy – and when school returns, she isn’t in class. Those missing hours are about to cost her dearly… The Missing Hours by Julia Dahl is out now.
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Harsh Times by Mario Vargas Llosa

Harsh Times by Mario Vargas Llosa front cover

It’s 1954 and we’re in Guatemala, where a CIA-supported military coup has toppled the government. Welcome to Harsh Times, an international thriller by Nobel Prize for Literature winner Mario Vargas Llosa, out on 4 November. The US’s violent act hides a lie passed off as truth, something which changed the development of Latin America for ever: that those in power encouraged the spread of Soviet communism in the Americas. This is a story of international conspiracies and conflicting interests in the time of the Cold War, the echoes of which are still felt today, by one of Latin America’s literary giants.
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The Wrong Suspect by Graham H Miller

The Wrong Suspect by Graham H Miller front cover

The Wrong Suspect, the third in Graham H Miller’s Angel and Haines series is out now, and they’re both facing dilemmas. DC Emma Angel has just caught Wootenshire’s most prolific serial killer – five people have died in three weeks – but although the evidence is rock solid, is he really the man they’ve been seeking? Meanwhile, private investigator Rob Haines is tasked with finding the absent father of an eight-year-old girl. Without a name it’s a tough ask, but when he succeeds in his quest a new can of worms opens. Then the two cases collide, and Emma and Rob find themselves in peril…
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The Perfect Daughter by Alex Stone

The Perfect Daughter by Alex Stone front cover

Jess Harper is a bit of a goody two shoes, going out of her way to please her mother, Abigail. Everything Jess does, from her clothes, to her job, even the men she dates, are all approved by Abigail first. Then Jess meets plumber Adam, and against all of her mother’s protests she dates him. Adam calls Abigail manipulative, while Abigail just wants to keep her precious girl safe and stop her getting hurt. But Jess is stuck in the middle, and when Adam vanishes the police have her in their sights as prime suspect. Is she really such a good girl after all? Out now.
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