Get ready for Gabriel Bergmoser’s The Inheritance with this exclusive short story

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Australian Crime Author Gabriel Bergmoser

Gabriel Bergmoser made quite an entrance into the crime fiction world last year, arriving covered in blood, in a hail of bullets and pursued by faceless reprobates. Oh no, wait – that was what happened to his characters in the relentlessly gory and hugely addictive The Hunted.

Now along comes a sequel, The Inheritance, and fans will be delighted to know that more of the same is in store with the story once again set dirty, dusty and isolated rural Australia.

Exclusive short story to download

Before you get stuck into book two, however, why not feast your eyes on The Survivor, a short story bridging the gap between the two books. It’s only available here on Crime Fiction Lover.

Download The Survivor here as a PDF.

Main character Maggie is injured and on the run after everything that happened in The Hunted. She’s hoping that after all that carnage she is free and clear… but then she realises someone is on her tail. Prepare for a bumpy ride, high drama, fast-moving action and the gut-wrenching moments that are fast becoming this young Aussie author’s trademark. If you like your crime fiction visceral and hard hitting, this is a story you’re really going to enjoy!

Bergmoser’s scriptwriting skills have already netted him the Peter Ustinov and Kenneth Branagh awards and his crime fiction work is near-cinematic in its pin sharp detail, characterisation and settings. The Inheritance is out now for Kindle and arrives in print on 4 November in the UK. Watch for our review.

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