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Welcome to another edition of On the Radar, our weekly column featuring new releases. It’s often a very mixed bag, and that’s because the crime genre is so broad and varied. This week we kick things off with a standalone from Bath-based thriller author Tim Weaver, which works a clever concept to good effect. There’s a trip to 1950s Minnesota, a suburban psychological thriller, a costal mystery and a bit of gangland action in North East England.

You never know where your next crime read will take you…

Missing Pieces by Tim Weaver

Missing Pieces by Tim Weaver front cover

Tim Weaver, the author of the successful David Raker series, returns with standalone that has an interesting concept behind it. Two people. Each knows something about a case, but neither knows enough to solve it. The characters are Detective Frank Travis , who is about to retire but is trying to trace a missing person; and Rebekah Murphy – she’s trapped on an island with a killer on her trail. Frank needs to find out who missing woman Louise Mason spoke to just before she disappeared, and Rebekah needs to know why she’s being hunted. Missing Pieces is out on 15 April, when you’ll be able to find out how these two connect and how they can help each other fill in the… missing… pieces…
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The Secret Lives of Dentists by WA Winter

The Secret Lives of Dentists front cover

Arriving 20 April, this historical crime novel from journalist WA Winter is set in 1950s Minneapolis. The body of young woman Teresa Hickman, originally from Tiny Dollar, North Dakota, has been found on a trolley car track. She’s one of many who have arrived in the city from towns across the Midwest, chasing a dream. But who killed her? Dr H David Rose is a Jewish dentist who was drawn to Teresa’s beauty, and although there’s no evidence and the man has no previous record, detectives have him in the frame for her murder. After all, he’s Jewish and in a city like Minneapolis that could be enough to get a conviction.
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The Whispers by Heidi Perks

The Whispers by Heidi Perks front cover

A girls’ night out (remember them?) goes awry in this standalone psychological thriller from Heidi Perks. Five women enjoy a catchup and a few drinks, but only four make it home safely. Where is Anna Robinson? She has a loving husband and a son she dotes upon – surely she wouldn’t just leave them? As the school gate rumour mill begins to turn, Anna’s closest friend Grace is beside herself with worry. She’s sure that someone is hiding something and takes it upon herself to search for answers. Meanwhile, Anna is in dire straits and can see no way out. The Whispers is out now for Kindle and on 15 April in print.
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Coffin Cove by Jackie Elliott

Coffin Cove by Jackie Elliott front cover

Welcome a new name to the crime writing fold with the release of Coffin Cove by Jackie Elliott. Andi Silvers was once a star reporter, now she’s barely holding it together, drinking to excess and close to losing her new job at the tiny local paper in Coffin Cove. Then two dead sea lions wash up on the shore and local fishermen are blamed. However, when a body washes up too, Andi is sure there’s a connection. And could there be a link to the murder of a teenager, 20 years ago? Maybe it’s time for Andi to show the skills that once put her at the top of her game… This debut is out now.
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The Favour Bank by BA Morton

Favour Bank by BA Morton front cover

We’re in the badlands of North East England for The Favour Bank, first in a new series for author BA Morton that’s out now. The Westmount Estate is a tough and unpredictable place to live but it suits DS Neil Fuller down to the ground – after all, both words could describe him too. You can fall out of love with a place, though, and after his colleague and friend is killed and Fuller is shot and left fighting for his life, perhaps it’s time for a rethink. Trouble is, he owes local crime lord Harry Roman – and Roman is about to call in that favour…
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