On the Radar: Parts of a puzzle

Welcome to another edition of On the Radar, our weekly column featuring new releases. It’s often a very mixed bag, and that’s because the crime genre is so broad and varied. This week we kick things off with a standalone from Bath-based thriller author Tim…
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NTN: Bedlam by BA Morton

BA Morton’s second novel published by Caffeine Nights is a crime and horror hybrid focusing on a battered detective, reeling from the disappearance of his wife 12 months ago, and his relationship with a young woman he saves after a violent crime. The story takes…
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NTN: Great reading with Caffeine Nights

This is an age dominated by technology, with Kindles, tablets and even smartphones able to serve up tasty crime books to readers on the move. Kent-based indy publisher Caffeine Nights is keen to be at the crest of the wave of new reading technologies. “This is an extremely…
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