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caffeinenightslogo200NTN_2015_100This is an age dominated by technology, with Kindles, tablets and even smartphones able to serve up tasty crime books to readers on the move. Kent-based indy publisher Caffeine Nights is keen to be at the crest of the wave of new reading technologies.

“This is an extremely exciting time to be in publishing, a lot is happening and we want to be at the forefront of the new digital revolution taking place,” declares its website – and Caffeine Nights emphasises the point with its very own app, from which readers can browse, buy and read - and which has the added attraction of exclusive content, stories and promotions available only to app users.

Founded by author, entrepreneur and publicist Darren Laws in 2007, the company boasts a roster of fine crime talent, the New Talent November sponsor’s list of authors includes established writers Shaun Hutson and Nick Oldham, plus the likes of Nick QuantrillRC Bridgestock, Harry Dunn and Nick Triplow. New names and books are being added all the time. Below we bring you five of the company’s latest offerings to enjoy…

Breathe150Breathe by David Ince
Eye-catching covers are part of the Caffeine Nights ethos. and this one is a fine example. A former graphic designer turned screenwriter, this book is the first part of a trilogy by an author who has been winning some rave reviews. Acute asthma mean that former military man never saw combat. Now he’s a civilian and battling to earn a living. He knows there’s something dodgy about the courier work he is doing for a faceless employer, but little does he realise just how much trouble it’s going to land him in…
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bedlam150Bedlam by BA Morton
If you lost the love of your life, just how far would you go to get them back? That’s the chilling question posed in this disturbing psychological crime thriller by north east-based Morton. Described as “a haunting tale of obsessive love, ultimate sacrifice and deadly consequences” this is a novel that straddles the crime and horror genres to create a haunting story of a man struggling to hold on to his career, his sanity and even his life.
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twisted150Twisted by BA Morton
Caffeine Nights organised a dual release for this author – showcasing her versatility as a writer in the process. When an audacious bank robbery goes horribly wrong, career criminal Jack Millier finds himself between a rock and a hard place – and when the only way out is to accept the help of a very strange Goth girl be begins to think getting caught by the cops might have been a safer option. The clue is in the title here, because this is a very twisted tale – with a killer finale that with leave you open mouthed.
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Foreverevil150Forever Evil by Harry Dunn
This is the second novel to feature London-based private eye Jack Barclay by former journalist Dunn, who has also seen life on the other side of the publishing industry, when he accompanied many celebrity authors on their promotional tours. Jack is hired to find a missing man who has just been released from prison – but his investigation puts him in the line of fire of a ruthless gang of hit men in an action-packed story that will have you on the edge of your seat.
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iscreamyoudie150Scream, You Die by Michael Fowler
Innovate marketing is a a watchword for this imaginative company, and this book comes bundled with a free eBook. Ex-copper Fowler has the inside line on the police procedural and his DS Hunter Kerr series, also published by Caffeine Nights, has sold more than 30,000 copies. Our hero this time is DS Scarlett Macey, whose investigation into a crime painfully close to home unveils some shocking truths and places her in danger.
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The indie publisher Caffeine Nights is one of our five sponsors supporting New Talent November 2015. For more of their books, visit the Caffeine Nights website here.

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