On the Radar: The origins of Kubu

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Our weekly new books column returns, and we start things off in Southern Africa where the latest from Michael Stanley takes us back to the early days of Detective Kubu, their popular CID investigator in Botswana. There’s a trip back in time to the 1930s, the heyday of shipbuilding in Glasgow when, it seems, knives were an even bigger problem than they are today. We also bring you new domestic noir, a cosy crime novel set in Bermuda, and… a faceless murderer. Are you ready for intrigue? Of course you are.

Facets of Death by Michael Stanley

Facets of Death by Michael Stanley front cover

Everyone’s favourite Kalahari crime stopper, Detective Kubu, returns on 27 February when Facets of Death will be available for download on Kindle. If you’ve read any of writing duo Michael Stanley‘s previous novels, this is one worth checking out because here we get a bit of the Kubu origin story, as the young David ‘Kubu’ Bengu tries to prove himself by cracking the case of a 100,000-carat heist which took place at one of the world’s most productive diamond mines, and the subsequent murder of the culprits. Yep, there’s a witchdoctor involved.
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Edge of the Grave by Robbie Morrison

The Edge of the Grave by Robbie Morrison front cover

Glasgow is a city divided in this new historical crime novel, which sees comic book writer Robbie Morrison switch codes to crime fiction. Protestants, Catholics. Rich, poor. Criminals, police. They are little and large, but straddling the divide are detectives Dreghorn and McDaid. Their latest case is that of a man pulled out of the Clyde with his throat slit from ear to ear. The thing is, Dreghorn has history with the victim’s wife, who is the daughter of a nouveau riche shipbuilding magnate. Violence, intrigue, whisky and sex, 1930s style. Arriving 4 March.
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In the Dark by Vikki Patis

In the Dark by Vikki Patis front cover

Messed up teenagers take the spotlight – literally – in this tasty slice of domestic noir by Vikki Patis. Izzy loves Seb, and he would never do anything to hurt her… would he? But when a too-revealing photo of Izzy appears online, it pushes her to the very edge. As Seb’s grandmother Liv and Izzy’s over-protective mother Caitlyn fight for the youngsters, family dynamics are stretched to the limits and secrets that looked so well-concealed are suddenly in danger of coming to light. Psychological thriller fans take note – In the Dark is out on 3 March.
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Murder on the Island by Daisy White

Murder on the Island by Daisy White front cover

Cosy crime set in Bermuda? Sounds just the thing to take away those lockdown blues – and you don’t have long to wait, because Murder on the Island by Daisy White is out now! Amateur sleuth Chloe Canton has hit 50 and is ready for a new start, so when Chloe’s aunt leaves her a house and stables business in Bermuda, she can’t believe her luck. The discovery of a body on a riding trail near her new home takes the edge off somewhat – and it seems like someone out there isn’t too keen on giving Chloe the chance to settle in…
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The Faceless Man by Helen H Durrant

The Faceless Man by Helen H Durrant front cover

Book two in Helen H Durrant’s new series featuring Detectives Harry Lennox and Jess Wilde finds the pair facing quite a conundrum when a teenage boy is stabbed to death in a local park, and his body set alight. Once they work out who he was, there’s another mystery to tax them as the boy’s bedroom is covered with photographs of the victims of unsolved murders. Three of the photos appear to show who will be next – but one of them is of a faceless man, a blank cut-out with no features. Can Lennox and Wilde put the pieces together before another murder occurs? The Faceless Man is out on 25 February.
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