On the Radar: At the eye of the storm

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As we type in these details about the latest crime novels to hit the shelves, Britain is at the eye of storm Christoph, the world faces a pandemic and in America the political seesaw has just tipped back with a jolt. What happens next? Well, one thing’s for sure, we’re going to keep on reading crime novels and our lead book has a biblical title relating to eyes suggesting that vengeance is on the way as British crime author Carol Wyer introduces a new character – DI Kate Young.

We’ll also introduce you to two international debut authors on the form of Femi Kayode and Eloisa Diaz, who are both using crime fiction to shed light on issues in their home countries – Nigeria and Argentina, respectively – in unique ways. Plus, we feature a debut from David Fennell and the latest psychological thriller by Valerie Keogh.

An Eye For An Eye by Carol Wyer

An Eye For An Eye by Carol Wyer front cover

She’s already attracted lots of crime fiction fans with series featuring DIs Natalie Ward and Robyn Carter, now Carol Wyer introduces her latest creation – DI Kate Young! She’s the Staffordshire police force’s best detective, but Young is on leave after a decision she made led to near-disaster. She’s on medication and battling her demons, so the last thing Young needs is to be called back into work – but with the arrival of a ruthless serial killer on her patch, she has no choice. This is a killer at the top of his game, so can Young find her stride again and capture him? Or is this case the one that will break her for good? An Eye For An Eye is out on 1 February.
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Lightseekers by Femi Kayode

Light Seekers by Femi Kayode front cover

Here’s a new author to keep an eye on. After a career in advertising, Femi Kayode studied creative writing at the University of East Anglia and won a literary prize while doing so with his first crime novel, Lightseekers, which will be published by Raven Books on 4 February. The story is set in Nigeria, where three university students have been murdered during mob violence. The killings have been captured and shared on social media, but nobody knows why they happened. Enter crowd violence expert and Nigerian expat Dr Philip Taiwo, who travels to Port Harcourt. When a witness dies in suspicious circumstances, Taiwo realises that someone is using social media to orchestrate the killings… Click here for more Nigerian noir.
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Repentance by Eloísa Díaz

Repentance by Eloisa Diaz front cover

Arriving on 4 February, Repentance is set in Argentina and involves two cases tackled by the same detective, but 20 years apart. In the year 1981, the country is the grip of a brutal dictatorship whose rule is defined by the disappearance of just about anyone voicing disagreement with the regime. Inspector Alzada works for the Buenos Aires police at a time when the people are constantly reporting their relatives missing. The next to disappear is his own brother, the hot headed Jorge. In 2001, the country again faces tumult as an economic crisis hits, riots erupt and the country’s fragile young democracy looks uncertain. A young woman has gone missing just as Inspector Alzada heads towards retirement. Author Díaz’s parents fled the Argentine dictatorship when they were young, setting in Spain. Written in English, this is her debut novel.
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The Little Lies by Valerie Keogh

The Little Lies by Valerie Keogh front cover

Lies, lies, lies – where would crime fiction be without them? They’re the very bedrock of Valerie Keogh‘s latest, which is out on 3 February. And as the title hints, it’s those little fibs we all tell that come back to haunt nurse Jodie when she starts dating the handsome Flynn. Jodie is a woman with secrets, and they are about to be revealed in this twisty psychological thriller that will have you thinking twice the next time you contemplate telling a little white lie. Because someone from her past has been following Jodie for years, and he is about to make her life hell.
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The Art of Death by David Fennell

The Art of Death by David Fennell front cover

We’ve already tipped this debut as a book to look out for in 2021, so mark the calendar for 4 February when David Fennell’s The Art of Death finally arrives. At its centre is a twisted Banksy-style artist whose latest installation comprises three glass cases containing the corpses of homeless men – and set up in Trafalgar Square, no less! As the terrifying tableaux continue, DI Grace Archer and her right-hand man DS Harry Quinn are under increasing pressure to catch the shady culprit. This is a savvy killer who delights in leaving as few clues as possible, and the next victim on his list is scarily close to home…
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