From Greenland to Golgotha

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On the Radar — Every week you can find the latest crime fiction releases right here in our On the Radar column. This week we’ll start things off in Greenland, with a fascinating thriller by Danish author Mads Peder Nordbo. There are stops in London, New York and Yorkshire, featuring murder and mystery in each location, with our final destination being Italy, where Guy Portman’s antihero Dyson Devereux is languishing in prison and wondering what to do next… Which itself begs the question: what will you do next?

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Cold Fear by Mads Peder Nordbo

Set in Greenland, this Nordic thriller sees journalist Matthew Cave searching for his missing half-sister. The circumstances of her disappearance sound pretty brutal: a trail of blood leads to an abandoned hut. Could this have something to do with the experiments their father, a US soldier, was involved in years earlier? The book follows on from The Girl Without Skin, one of our recommended titles earlier this year, and Nordbo is a Danish author now based in Greenland. Cold Fear is available now for Kindle and as a paperback on 28 November.
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Deathly Affair by Leigh Russell

The London-based detective DI Geraldine Steel returns for a 13th outing, adding to a series that has sold more than a million copies since it began with Cut Short back in 2012. In Deathly Affair, Steel is investigating the deaths of two homeless men in the face of police apathy. Soon that number is doubled and it appears a pattern is emerging. Steel is drawn into a web of passion and deceit. Read our review of Killer Plan, the seventh novel in the series. 28 Nov
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Deadly Enterprise by Kevin G Chapman

This is the second in the series featuring NYPD detective Mike Stoneman, and as it begins Stoneman is out of the loop while recovering from injuries sustained in book one. But crime doesn’t stop in the city that never sleeps and his partner, Jason Dickson, gets a temporary placement with brash and cocky Ray McMillian. They’re soon pretty busy after a young girl’s body is fished out of the East River, followed by the cold blooded killing of a Bronx bodega owner in his shop. There’s something pretty suspicious going on, and it’s only when Stoneman gets back to work that the pieces begin to fall into place… Out on 2 December. You’ll find more Big Apple crime in RG Belsky’s Yesterday’s News.
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Payback by RC Bridgestock

Husband and wife team Bob and Carol Bridgestock are best known for their police procedurals featuring DI Jack Dylan and set in Yorkshire. Now, ebook readers will have the chance to meet their newest creation, DI Charley Mann, on 6 December, with the paperback arriving on 9 January. Mann is back on her home turf after a stint with the Met in London, and it appears that the Yorkshire folk she knows and loves are glad to have her back. But appearances can be deceptive, and when a brutal murder takes place on her patch, Mann is going to have to choose her friends carefully. Read our review of the Bridgestocks’ earlier novel White Lilies.
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Golgotha by Guy Portman

Book three in the darkly satirical Necropolis trilogy is out on 3 December and it finds charming sociopath Dyson Devereux in something of a pickle. Dyson has been languishing in prison in Italy, awaiting trial for murder, and the other inmates are really getting on his nerves. He’s convinced he is going to be out soon, but will life with his one-time paramour and frequent visitor Allegra really make Dyson feel free? As judgment day draws ever closer, can our antihero keep up appearances long enough to win his freedom? And at what cost? For as fans of the series will know, Hell hath no fury like a sociopath scorned. You can read our review of book one, Necropolis, here.
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