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On the Radar — It’s an unusual week for the UK in more ways than one. As parliamentary democracy comes to the boil, at least we have the distractions provided by the Crime Fiction Lover weekly new books column, On the Radar. Uniquely, it seems, we’ve got a line-up of UK authors for you, and four of our books are published by independents too. If you need a break from the intrigues of Bojo’s Britain, try one of these for size…

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Starlight by Rod Humphris

Following on from Dead Ground and Go Fast, Starlight is the latest in the Simon Ellice series by Rod Humphris, independently published by Rat’s Tales. The setting moves to Jamaica and while Ellice focuses on a woman he’s met and the great and good enjoy their yachts and the bars of Port Antonio, something is afoot. The splash of an oar, hushed voices in the darkness, and the all action Ellice senses danger on its way. You’ll be able to join in his latest adventure on 15 September.
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Violet by SJI Holliday

Ever dreamed of making a trip on the Trans-Siberian Express? You might have second thoughts after reading Susi Holliday’s latest psychological thriller which is out for Kindle on 14 September. Carrie and her pal are planning a holiday aboard the iconic train, but when that pal has an accident, Carrie is left to face the trip alone. Then she meets Violet, who is also on her own, having recently split with her boyfriend, and on a whim Carrie invites her along for the ride. But one of these women is not as she seems, turning the trip of a lifetime into a never-to-be-forgotten nightmare… Read our review of The Lingering by SJI Holliday.
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Nothing Important Happened Today by Will Carver

UK indie publisher Orenda presents Will Carver’s latest book on 14 September, an author known for introducing unusual concepts in his standalone crime novels. And it all starts in dramatic fashion with nine people simultaneously committing suicide by leaping off Chelsea Bridge in the heart of London. They’d each received a letter that morning saying ‘Nothing important happened today’, but how did that trigger this mass suicide? It seems they were chosen by an until now unknown cult, and soon further ‘people of choice’ are dying all round the world. You’ve probably already posed the question this week already, but: how can this madness be stopped? Last year’s Good Samaritans was a top read so check that out as well.
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The Silent Dead by Keith Nixon

A gruesome find in a house on a quiet residential street sends DI Solomon Gray off on a puzzling investigation in the sixth book in this popular series, out 17 September. The property belongs to a well respected former foster carer who has recently died – so what’s the story behind the mummified body of a new born child found in a shoe box hidden at the back of her wardrobe? As Gray probes deeper, he begins to uncover long buried family secrets. And if that’s not enough, a self-styled vigilante is setting a dog on delinquent teenagers who are up to no good. Here’s our review of Dig Two Graves, first in the Solomon Gray series.
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Guilty Not Guilty by Felix Francis

The heady mix of crime and horse racing that is the latest book from the Felix Francis stable is about to clear the final fence on 19 September, as the author continues the tradition set by his father, Dick Francis. Bill Russell is a pretty unassuming soul, living a quiet life and enjoying his role as a volunteer steward at Warwick Racecourse. Then his beloved wife is murdered and Bill is put firmly in the frame. As his world unravels around him and he loses both his job and his home, it’s up to Bill to find the real killer and prove his innocence. Felix Francis wrote an interesting article about his favourite Dick Francis novel for us back in 2015.
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