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We love a bit of variety and this week our report covers new books by five very different authors, each with their own original take on things. Lee Matthew Goldberg’s The Great Gimmelmans is our starting point, from a New York indie author who routinely finds interesting angles and often works a retro groove, taking us back into the city’s grittier years. Will Carver, Cathy Ace, Martin Knight and Laury A Egan all have new books out with each doing such varied things in their work, there’s something for just about every kind of crime fiction lover here this week.

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The Great Gimmelmans by Lee Matthew Goldberg

The Great Gimmelmans by Lee Matthew Goldberg front cover

The Gimmelman family is living the high life. Dad Barry is making a killing as a stockbroker and life is good. But this is the 1980s, and after the crash of 1987 the Gimmelmans are forced to diversify. It starts with stealing from convenience stores, but when they hit a bank, they uncover a hidden talent – they’re good at this – and the money starts rolling in. But Barry’s desire for more, more, more is about to take its toll on the Gimmelmans, putting middle child Aaron in an impossible position: will he turn against his father, or let his family fall apart? You can take a road trip with The Great Gimmelmans when Lee Matthew Goldberg‘s latest book arrives on 14 November.
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Upstairs at the Beresford by Will Carver

Fans of Will Carver’s The Beresford will be delighted to hear that a second stay at the dangerous old pile hotel is on the horizon. Upstairs at the Beresford arrives on 9 November, and it’s business as usual. Danielle Ortega is a would-be club singer, whose handsy drunk of a neighbour Sam Walker ends up dead in a closet, a dent in his head the shape of Danielle’s ashtray. It’s just one of the many strange occurrences in this singular spot, because the man in 731 has been dead for two days and his dog has not stopped barking, while two doors down, the couple who always smoke on the window ledge are heading for a mysterious fall…
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The Corpse with the Opal Fingers by Cathy Ace

The Corpse with the Opal Fingers by Cathy Ace front cover

It’s the 13th book in Cathy Ace‘s Cait Morgan series and out on 13 November – will The Corpse with the Opal Fingers prove an unlucky portent for the Welsh Canadian professor of criminal psychology and her retired-cop husband Bud Anderson? They’re in Australia, visiting Cait’s sister, Siân, and brother-in-law, Todd, enjoying the bustling delights of Sydney and looking forward to a few quiet days in the famed Blue Mountains. But a family connection to a decades-old murder case casts a pall over the trip and leads our detective duo into an investigation that could prove fatal.
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Justice Killer by Martin Knight

Justice Killer by Martin Knight front cover

Paul Garfield has been living on a knife edge since the death of his wife. He’s a broken man, just going through the motions for sake of his daughter. But all that changes when memories of a murder in his childhood set Paul on a vengeful path. A line is crossed and suddenly he has a reason for living. Exploring themes of law and order, revenge, vigilantism and bereavement-driven despair, Justice Killer by Martin Knight is the story of an ordinary man who has decided that enough is enough. It’s out on 13 November.
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The Psychologist’s Shadow by Laury A Egan

The Psychologist's Shadow by Laury A Egan front cover

Therapist Dr Ellen Haskell is starting again, opening a new practice in Princeton following a tragic error with a former client. Time to wipe the slate clean and get on with what she does best: helping people. It’s not that easy though, as Ellen soon discovers. As her new clients are introduced through their individual sessions, she starts to receive hang-up phone calls and a series of bizarre gifts from an anonymous admirer – first at her office and then at home. Who is her stalker, and what could he be capable of? Find out when The Psychologist’s Shadow by Laury A Egan arrives on 18 November.
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