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On the Radar — Although they’re working in a genre where readers have many expectations, crime fiction authors always try hard to come up with original concepts and this week is one where innovation comes to the fore. There are bomb plots, kidnappings, strange twists and even a dead narrator leading proceedings – plenty to keep your reading pile lively, to be sure.

One Way Out by AA Dhand

British Asian author AA Dhand has gathered a strong following for his Harry Virdee novels since releasing Streets of Darkness a few years back. Now he’s on book four and the Bradford DI is about to become a terror victim as white nationalists detonate a bomb in a park. It turns out that this minor explosion was just a stunt, but the group have planted another device underneath a major mosque in the city and they’re planning to use it to take the congregation hostage and to kidnap leading Islamists. The trouble for Harry is that his wife is in the mosque when it comes under siege… Out 27 June.
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Rock-A-Bye Baby by Luke Murphy

LAPD detective Charlene Taylor is back in a book that takes her right out of her comfort zone – literally. Someone is kidnapping babies in the city of Denver, but with no clues and no ransom demands, the local cops are at a loss. Then Taylor’s niece becomes the latest victim and the whole thing gets personal. She’s out of her jurisdiction and out of her depth too. Who can Taylor trust? And can she solve this case before her baby niece disappears forever? This potent mix of police procedural and domestic noir is out on 15 June. Read our review of Kiss and Tell, the first in the series.
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I Never Left by McGarvey Black

Sometimes, the best person to tell a crime story is the victim… even if they’re dead. And that’s exactly what we have here as Quinn Roberts, mother of adult children, is sorely disappointed that most of the people she knew in life seem to want to move on and nobody is finding out who killed her. Her husband has remarried too soon, her friends don’t think about her that much any more, and her case has gone cold down at the local police department. This is a painful and very different type of psychological thriller. You can discover more books narrated by the dead here.
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Lost You by Haylen Beck

Stuart Neville‘s alter ego is back with a standalone guaranteed to put the chills into the heart of any parent, out on 27 June. Libby and her three-year-old son Ethan have had a tough time of it recently, so a holiday seems like the perfect antidote. The hotel is great and they’re having a ball, but Libby still has a nagging feeling they’re being watched. Then Ethan steps into a lift on his own and as the doors close Libby’s worst fears are brought to life. As she frantically searches for her missing son, it becomes clear that Libby isn’t the only one who’s looking…
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White Hot Silence by Henry Porter

Here’s a complex and intriguing espionage thriller to dig into on the beach this summer. On a Greek island, an aid worker is snatched away by an organised crime group, but she’s not just any aid worker and her kidnappers don’t necessarily want money. They’re targeting Anastasia’s billionaire husband, Hisami, who is using his money to help the migrants but whose past in the Kurdish Peshmerga is catching up with him and his tormentors are after information. Before he can respond, however, he’s seized by the American authorities. The only person he can turn to for help is MI6 agent Paul Samson, but the snag there is that Samson was previously involved with Anastasia… This sequel to Firefly is out 27 June.
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Those People by Louise Candlish

Our House, recently named the British Book Awards’ Thriller of the Year, brought a whole new twist to the domestic noir genre. Now Louise Candlish is back with another book, out 27 June, that turns the image of a suburban idyll on its head. Darren and Jodie move into a quiet street and it isn’t long before they upset the locals with their loud music, disregard of the rules and threats of violence. Then the street becomes scene of an horrific crime, but as the police begin to investigate they realise they have a problem – everyone claims to have done it. Just who is telling the truth?
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