New Talent November 2013 recap

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NTN 2013 logo 100So November draws to a close, and we hope you’ve enjoyed our fresh blood themed month as much as we have. It all began with a review of Becky Masterman’s crime debut, Rage Against the Dying, and we were also able to read and rate books by Roger Hobbs, Richard Crompton, Simon Fellowes, Katy Walters and several more.

honeyguideIt was also a great month for interviews and we introduced you to British author Luca Veste, the American writer CJ Howell and the Scandinavians Sander Jakobsen and Anders de la Motte. In the process, we brought you new pulp, police procedurals, conspiracy thrillers and, of course, psychological serial killer novels. There was even a review of a book by jockey AP McCoy, who has turned his whip-hand to crime writing. What more could a crime fiction lover want?

And for anyone looking for book recommendations, we brought you five female authors to watch in 2014, cast an eye back over the very best debuts of 2013, and listed two sets of ’10 to taste’ – novels by self-published and indie authors. We think it’s important to support emerging writers, and we hope you agree. Let us know if you think we should do New Talent November again in 2014!

Before we sign off, here’s a recap of all the articles in this year’s NTN:

Rage Against the Dying by Becky Masterman reviewed
Interview with CJ Howell
Taking the Fall by AP McCoy reviewed
The Honey Guide by Richard Crompton reviewed
The 10 best crime debuts of 2013 according to our team
Five Women to Watch in 2014 by MarinaSofia
Interview with Alastair Gunn
Don’t Breathe the Air by Simon Fellowes reviewed
Ten to Taste – novels by self-published and indie authors
Ann Cleeves writing competition
Death Marks by Katy Walters reviewed
Interview with Alex Marwood
The Last of the Smoking Bartenders by CJ Howell reviewed
Ghostman by Roger Hobbs reviewed
Chasing the Storm by Martin Molsted reviewed
Shadow of the Rock by Thomas Mogford reviewed
The Stone Boy by Sophie Loubière reviewed
Ten more to taste – Yep, it’s 10 more novels by indie and self-published authors
Interview with Ioanna Bourazopoulou
Interview with Luca Veste
Interview with Sander Jakobsen
Interview with Anders de la Motte
Dead Gone by Luca Veste reviewed

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