New Talent November 2013 recap

So November draws to a close, and we hope you’ve enjoyed our fresh blood themed month as much as we have. It all began with a review of Becky Masterman’s crime debut, Rage Against the Dying, and we were also able to read and rate…
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NTN: Don't Breathe the Air

Written by Simon Fellowes — Ronnie Marston was steeped in the music business. He was one of the most respected roadies in the game, and became a guitar-tech to the stars. Now, those days are over and he is happier running a downmarket rehearsal studio…
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Abductions, exorcisms and power chords

On the Radar — Let’s see – what’s the biggest news this week? The return of Jame Sallis with an interesting premise for his latest novel? Herefordshire exorcist Merrily Watkins on the case in her 12th outing? Back to gangland with Martina Cole? We’ve got…
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