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On The Radar — Summer has finally arrived and what better way to enjoy the heatwave we’ve been promised, than with an ice cold jug of Pimms and some of the latest crime fiction currently on offer. Amongst our latest new releases are the return of East London private eyes Arnold and Hakim, a less than happy homecoming for prodigal thief Terrier Rand, and DS Jessica Daniel is back for her fifth investigation.

 An Act Of KindnessAn Act of Kindness by Barbara Nadel
It’s November in the East End of London. PI Lee Arnold and his assistant Mumtaz Hakim have a new case. A young Asian couple have just moved into their new home – a dilapidated house in Upton Park. Nazreen spends her days alone doing up the house, while her husband Abdullah is at work. John Sawyer is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. He hasn’t adapted well to civvie street. He’s volatile and homeless, but he’s developed an unlikely friendship with Nazreen. Something her husband would not approve of… if he knew. When John is found dead, Nazreen suspects her husband may be involved, and asks Arnold and Hakim to investigate. An Act of Kindness is out now.
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Playing With FirePlaying With Fire by Kerry Wilkinson
Seven years ago, Martin Chadwick was responsible for starting a fire in a Manchester pub which claimed the life of a sleeping teenager. Chadwick’s about to be released from prison, and with the victim’s father telling the papers he’s out for revenge, DS Jessica Daniel is assigned to keep an eye on Chadwick. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also got an interferring private investigator to deal with, a suspected schoolgirl suicide ring in operation, and a personal life to balance with her worklife. It’s released on 18 July.
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Last WhisperThe Last Whisper in the Dark by Tom Piccirilli
The follow-up to The Last Kind Words sees prodigal thief Terrier Rand return home to his family. However, lawbreaking is something of a tradition for the Rand clan, so this could be an interesting homecoming. Terry’s old friend Chub hasn’t been seen since he supplied the getaway car for a heist that went wrong, and when Terry discovers that his friend had got involved with a strange, violent gang of heavy hitters, he doesn’t have a good feeling about Chub’s disappearance. So, Terry’s determined to bring his friend home. He’s going to have a tough time dodging gangsters and his own family dramas in doing so. The Last Whisper in the Dark is out now.
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Tilted TruthThe Tilted Truth by Ken Boehs
Casino-owner Barry Vador and his half-sister Electra decide to swindle their old friend Adam Symansky out of his life savings, but Adam isn’t prepared to let them get away with it. What Adam doesn’t know is that Barry is a government informant with some very powerful connections watching his back. So launching a vendetta to get his money back may not be as clear cut as he thinks. A web of deceit ensnares the trio in a nightmare filled with double-crosses and seduction, intermingled with manipulation and clandestine operations. This is a fast-paced story with a diabolical sting in its tail. The Tilted Truth is billed an erotic thriller, and is the first in a trilogy. It’s out now.
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Never Coming BackNever Coming Back by Tim Weaver
In Vanished, investigator David Raker locked horns with an elusive killer on the disused Tube lines way beneath London’s pavements. He seemed to have met a sticky end, but now he is back. His speciality is finding missing people, and he has never faced a greater challenge than his search for a mother, father and two daughters who have disappeared into thin air. As Raker looks for the truth, he uncovers a sinister cover-up, and in doing so may well have made himself the next target. Never Coming Back will be available at the end of August.
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StrandedStranded by Alex Kava
New York Times bestseller Alex Kava is back with the 11th book in her highly successful Maggie O’Dell series. In Stranded, O’Dell and her partner Tully find themselves on the hunt for a ‘truck-stop’ serial killer. When the remains of a young woman are found in a highway ditch their only clue – a map found with the remains – sends the pair on a frantic cross-country hunt to unmask the killer before he strikes again. However, he body count is already growing, and the closer Maggie gets, the clearer it becomes that she is his ultimate target. Stranded is out now for Kindle, with the hardback arriving 16 July.
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