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On the radar — England, Germany and, yes, Scandinavia! This week our selection of new and forthcoming crime fiction definitely has a Northern European, Teutonic accent to it. So bring on the mead and ale, or… erm… put the kettle on, because we’ve got some historical crime fiction, thrillers and ghostly forensic procedurals. One of themcould be your next crime read this summer.

By Murder’s Bright Light: Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan by Paul Doherty
Winter 1379, French privateers have landed in Southern England and are heading towards London. To counter the threat a flotilla of warships has been anchored in the Thames. When the first mate and crewmen from one of the ships disappear without trace, Sir John Cranston and Brother Athelstan are asked to look into the matter, and find themselves caught up a case of scandal, treason and murder.
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Morgue Drawer Next Door by Jutta Profijit
Dr Martin Gänsewein spends his days autopsying dead bodies at Cologne’s city morgue. He also plays the role of sidekick to its resident ghost, Pascha, who likes to indulge in the odd investigation. In this second book in the series, the spirit of a nun killed in the fire that ravaged her medieval convent turns up and Pascha is convinced the fire was no accident, and the pair begins their latest investigation, along with Martin’s girlfriend Brigit.
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The Cruel Stars of the Night by Kjell Eriksson
It’s autumn in the Swedish city of Uppsala and an elderly professor has disappeared without a trace, then the bodies of two local farmers are discovered within days of each other. Inspector Ann Lindell is called in to investigate what might be connected crimes. Lindell knows she’s caught up in a dangerous web of distant events, but can she catch a deranged killer who may be closer than she realises?
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Choked by Tania Carver
DI Phil Brennan and his criminal psychologist wife, Marina, are just back from honeymoon and planning to enjoy the Easter Bank Holiday weekend with baby daughter, Josephina and Phil’s adoptive parents, in the Suffolk countryside. Their idyll quickly turns into a nightmare when an arsonist attacks their holiday cottage and their baby goes missing. Phil’s in a coma and Marina finds herself at the mercy of the kidnappers who threaten Josephina’s life unless she does exactly what they say. Choked isn’t out until September, but it’s already on our TBR pile.
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Weirdo by Cathi Unsworth
Two decades ago Corinne Woodrow was convicted of murdering one of her classmates, but new forensic evidence indicates that she didn’t act alone. Sean Ward is the ex-Met detective turned private investigator, looking into the matter, but it’s soon becomes clear that for those involved with the original investigation, preserving reputations has always been more important than the truth. If he’s going to get the bottom of this case he’s going to have to lock horns with some powerful local players. Weirdo – what an excellent name for a book – is out on 12 July.
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