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Dead Money

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The latest Cal Innes novel features Alan, a double glazing salesman, husband to a long suffering wife, boyfriend to a young student, and best mate to Les Beale. Les is a degenerate gambler, all round bigot and somewhat disgusting human being. So, only slightly worse (or better, depending on your perspective) than Alan himself. When Les goes looking for the big win, and wins well, Alan is taken along to keep an eye on Les’ infamous short temper. However, when Les is invited to another big poker game, and stands to win a potload of cash, Alan isn’t around to rein him in when the evening turns sour… and murderous. Now Alan is stuck up the proverbial creek of faeces with no paddle, and he struggles to keep his life in order, which isn’t so easy when you’re a lying, cheating, borderline alcoholic. Telling a simple story, in an incredibly diverse and new way, Dead Money is a pitch perfect novel.

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