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All the Young Warriors

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All the Young Warriors is a tale of revenge, redemption, love, loss and personal discovery set in the middle of recruitment for, and fighting in, Somalia. The story ranges from Minnesota to Somalia in a tale of escalating violence and questioning of personal convictions. A simple traffic stop goes wrong, giving us the first glimpse of the two very different young men – one violent, the other thoughtful. They end up in Somalia fighting, and pursued by one of their fathers, as well as the husband of the woman they killed back in Minnesota. All the Young Warriors is a powerful story that is both riveting and meaningful. There are the familiar themes of the price of vengeance and pride, treated with a skillful hand. There are also more challenging questions posed about the people and events which are left to the reader to ponder. The story is laid out not as a lesson, but as a setting and context to the challenges and changes undergone by the characters.

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