Written by Christopher Moore — Bestselling author Christopher Moore has carved out a niche for himself as a prominent satirist. His novels span multiple genres and he has poked fun at everything from vampires in Bloodsucking Fiends and Bite Me: A Love Story to Shakespeare…
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Crazy Rhythm

Written by TW Emory — If you need a break from serial killers and world-at-risk mayhem, TW Emory’s Gunnar Nilson mysteries may be a perfect, lighthearted alternative. Crazy Rhythm is entertaining, engaging, and written with tongue in cheek and a big tip of the grey…
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Book Club

The Decagon House Murders

Author Yukito Ayatsuji is part of a group that advocates the use of SS Van Dine’s set of ‘rules’ when it comes to writing crime novels. They’re not followed much by English writers anymore, but Japanese readers have a taste for Golden Age-style crime. Consequently,…
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Classic FM's Upstairs Downland Abbey

Classic FM has produced a star-studded whodunnit radio drama to raise money for its charity, Global’s Make Some Noise. The programme is called Upstairs Downland Abbey, and will star David Tennant, David and John Suchet, Aled Jones, Myleene Klass, Charlotte Green and several Classic FM presenters including……
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