Baby's First Felony

Written by John Straley — Let me introduce you to Cecil Younger, investigator for the public defender’s office in Sitka, Alaska, and star of a series of novels written by an author who is himself retired from the same job. Younger is married to Jane Marie,…
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Hold the Dark audiobook

Written by William Giraldi, narrated by Richard Ferrone — The essentials of William Giraldi’s icy thriller were covered in our review of the book, which you’ll find here. In brief, the story centers around a case in which two, then three, children are stolen by wolves…
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Hold the Dark

Written by William Giraldi — Scandinavian crime fiction seems to go from strength to strength, but let’s not forget that North America has its fair share of frigid locations to offer – perfect for crime fiction. Maine, Minnesota, Quebec and Canada’s far north have all…
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NTN: William Giraldi interviewed

Next month sees the release of a debut crime novel for William Giraldi, a writer and editor based in Boston, who has come up with a tale of darkness and death set in America’s most northern territory: Alaska. Here at Crime Fiction Lover we often…
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