On the Radar: Detective Ravn alights in English

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A few weeks back we talked to the Danish crime author Michael Katz Krefeld about his first book arriving in translation and already a second has landed. Derailed features one of Denmark’s best known genre detectives – Ravn – and finally Nordic noir fans in the English-speaking world can read of his exploits. If you love transcontinental translations then see below for Romanian author Tony Mott’s first appearance in English too, and we have new Scottish crime fiction from JD Kirk, a thriller by Lisa Jewell and an anthology from the Sisters of Crime chapter in San Diego.

Derailed by Michael Katz Krefeld

Derailed by Michael Katz Krefeld front cover

Michael Katz Krefeld is well known in his native Denmark, where his Detective Ravn novels are hugely successful. It was another of his series, featuring complicated cop Cecilie Mars, that first arrived in translation earlier this year – now Ravn is getting the same treatment with Derailed, out on 25 July. Criminal investigator Thomas Ravnsholdt – better known as Ravn – is on leave from Copenhagen’s special crime unit following the brutal murder of his wife. The grieving PI retreats to his ramshackle houseboat with only his grumpy Old English Bulldog, Murphy, to keep him company. But when a friend asks him for help finding a young woman who disappeared without a trace a few years earlier, Ravn  is pulled into the seedy underbelly of the Swedish capital.
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Deadly Autumn Harvest by Tony Mott

Deadly Autumn Harvest by Tony Mott front cover

We head to the beautiful Romanian city of Braşov for Deadly Autumn Harvest, written by Tony Mott and translated by Marina Sofia and published on 30 July. A series of bizarre murders have the police scratching their heads. Still smarting from the scandal of having failed to act in a previous case of a serial kidnapper and killer, they bring in forensic pathologist Gigi Alexa to figure out whether they have a single serial killer or several individual murderers on their hands. It’s a tough ask, and Gigi and the police team struggle to establish a pattern, especially when resources are diverted to investigating a possible terrorist plot. With the clock ticking, she seems close to finding an answer – but could the killer have Gigi in their sights?
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In Service of Death by JD Kirk

In Service of Death by JD Kirk front cover

In Service of Death is the 17th in JD Kirk’s Scottish-based series featuring DCI Jack Logan, and it begins innocuously enough for three former British Army soldiers, now living in the Highlands of Scotland. An egged window. A deflated car tyre. A few garden gnomes knocked over. But then the silent calls begin – late nights and early mornings, to landlines and mobiles, and to numbers that no one should have access to. The trio turn to the police for help, and then the killing starts. To get to the bottom of it all, Logan must get inside the head of a meticulously organised murderer who has been planning all this for a very long time… Pick up a copy on 25 July
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None of this is True by Lisa Jewell

None of This is True by Lisa Jewell front cover

Popular podcaster Alix Summer is celebrating. Today’s her 45th birthday and she’s marking the day at her local pub. There she meets the unassuming Josie Fair, who is also celebrating her 45th birthday. They’re birthday twins – what are the odds? A few days later, they meet again by chance. Josie has listened to Alix’s podcast and thinks she would make a great subject. Alix agrees, and soon it seems like Josie is her new BFF. But when Josie vanishes, leaving a terrible and terrifying legacy in her wake, Alix realises that she didn’t really know her new friend at all… Psychological thriller None of This is True by Lisa Jewell is out on 20 July
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Crime Under the Sun: A Sisters in Crime Anthology

Crime Under the Sun: A Sisters in Crime Anthology front cover

Crime Under the Sun is the second anthology of twisted tales by members of Partners in Crime, the San Diego chapter of Sisters in Crime. It is edited by Matt Coyle, Naomi Hirahara and Tammy Kaehler and it’s out now. Southern California is home to sandy beaches, waving palm trees and balmy weather. It’s a place that attracts the rich and famous, those barely hanging on, and everyone else. Add in murder, embezzlement, stalking, burglary and every crime under the sun and you have a snapshot of life behind all the glamour. This collection of 15 short stories sets out to capture the hopes and dreams of characters who are trying to live the idyllic SoCal life – but instead encounter greed, treachery, corruption, and death.
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