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We know that a lot of people visit our site to find out more about Scandinavian crime fiction, and this week we bring you news of an author who is famous for his crime thrillers in Denmark and is now appearing in English for the first time. That author is Michael Katz Krefeld and his novel Darkness Calls – first in a new series – is on its way. MKK has been called the King of Crime and apparently it’s an earned title, not one you can inherit.

There are four more new releases to catch up on too – a gothic thriller with occult-ish horror, the tale of a Miami lawyer who turns investigator, a dog sitter detective (who can resist?) and an inheritance-driven psychological thriller.

Darkness Calls by Michael Katz Krefeld

Darkness Calls by Michael Katz Krefeld front cover

There’s quite a buzz about the first book in a trilogy of hard-hitting, big-city thrillers from an author who has been described as the Scandinavian King of Crime, Michael Katz Krefeld, out on 16 May. Darkness Calls features newly promoted Danish police inspector Cecilie Mars, who is a little out of the ordinary. She has a serious cocaine habit, fantasises about vigilante violence, and is always falling for the wrong man. One night, while on the tail of a suspect, Mars makes a big mistake – and someone is on hand to secretly video it. Soon Mars is being blackmailed and her life and career are on the line. Just how far is she prepared to go to stop her tormentor before she loses everything?
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Fyneshade by Kate Griffin

Fyneshade by Kate Griffin front cover

If dark and twisted gothic thrillers are your bag, then make a note of 18 May – that’s when Kate Griffin‘s Fyneshade is published. On the day of her beloved grandmother’s funeral, Marta is told that she is to become governess to the young daughter of Sir William Pritchard at Fyneshade, in the wilds of Derbyshire. It is an ancient and crumbling place, a house full of secrets where the other servants won’t even make eye contact. Sir William is mysteriously absent, and his son and heir Vaughan is forbidden to enter the house, but as Marta and Vaughan get closer the young governess decides to ignore the whispered warnings that her new friend is big trouble. It’s a decision that she may come to regret…
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Liquid Shades of Blue by James Polkinghorn

Liquid Shades of Blue by James Polkinghorn

Debut author James Polkinghorn is a lawyer, and so is Jack Girard, the protagonist in Liquid Shades of Blue, out on 16 May. Well, that’s not strictly true, because Jack is an ex-lawyer who now runs a bar in Key West, Florida – and is slowly drinking his way through the profits. An early morning phone calls shakes Jack into action – it’s his father, passing on the news that Jack’s mother has apparently killed herself. He heads back to Miami to face his tyrannical father and be bombarded with memories of his brother Bobby’s suicide when they were in college together. But when questions are asked about his mother’s death, Jack sets out to uncover the true story before it’s too late.
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The Dog Sitter Detective by Antony Johnston

The Dog Sitter Detective by Antony Johnston front cover

Sit and stay, cosy fans – it’s not long until you can get your paws on a new series by Antony Johnston. Meet retired actress Guinevere ‘Gwinny’ Tuffel, who is finding it hard to make ends meet since inheriting her late father’s run-down house. She sets her money worries aside to attend her best friend Tina’s wedding to a handsome Italian business magnate. However, before they get the chance to declare ’till death do us part’ the husband-to-be is found dead in the library and Tina is accused of the murder. It’s up to Gwinny to uncover the real killer from a pool of larger-than-life suspects while also finding herself suddenly looking after Tina’s expensive and demanding Saluki dogs. The Dog Sitter Detective is out on 18 May.
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Between Two Strangers by Kate White

Between Two Strangers by Kate White front cover

If you’re looking for a twisty psychological thriller, then Between Two Strangers by Kate White could fit the bill. Life changes for struggling artist Skyler Moore when she inherits a ton of money from someone she’s never heard of. But when Skyler looks into Christopher Whaley, she realises they met once in a bar over a decade ago and had a one-night stand. Was the sex really that memorable? When Whaley’s widow accuses Skyler of having an affair with her late husband and threatens revenge, the newly-rich artist decides to dig deeper – and what she learns about Chris Whaley could have terrifying consequences for her. Grab a copy on 16 May
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