The doctor will see you now… Mark Edwards

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Dr Jacky Collins interviews crime author Mark Edwards

There’s a life-sized cardboard cutout in view in the latest of Dr Jacky Collins’ The Doctor Will See You Now video interviews – and no, we’re not talking about Mark Edwards, author of No Place to Run, which is out now. The cutout is female, and she had a vital part to play in Edwards’ new book – but you’ll need to watch to find out what it is.

No Place to Run is set in Washington state and Northern California, and at its centre is Aidan, an ordinary British man now living in Seattle who is pushed to his limits when his teenage sister, Scarlett, visiting him from the UK, mysteriously vanishes. “I really like the idea of my main character being a fish out of water,” says Mark. “For a change I decided to go all out with the Lee Child-esque action thriller, with an American setting and an ordinary English man.”

There’s also a Girl on the Train vibe, with with a 75-year-old newly widowed woman called Francesca taking on the mantle of unreliable witness.

Meanwhile, in a wide-ranging chat, Dr Noir and the author best known for his psychological thrillers which began with The Magpies nine years ago (look out for 10th anniversary celebrations in 2023!) explore subjects as diverse as environmental activism, The Breakfast Club and Nirvana.

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