The Doctor will see you now… James Oswald

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James Oswald and Dr Noir Jacky Collins

Our first ‘The Doctor will see you now’ video interview of 2022 sees Dr Jacky Collins having a cosy chat with James Oswald, who has made a name for himself in both the crime and fantasy genres.

Based in Scotland, James Oswald is a working farmer (check out his videos on Twitter for some added ‘aaah’ factor) who fits in his writing around the demands of his livestock. All That Lives, number 12 in his hugely popular Inspector McLean series, is out on 17 February and in this wide ranging interview Oswald discusses character development, the art of grooming Highland cattle, his chaotic writing style, and why he never describes what Tony McLean looks like.

It’s the perfect accompaniment for a coffee break, so sit back and prepare to be entertained.

We’ve reviewed a number of James Oswald’s books over the years going all the way back to The Book of Souls in 2012. Click here to see more posts about the author.

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