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crime author Ann Bloxwich

We’re all about supporting new blood here on Crime Fiction Lover – and so is Dr Jacky Collins, whose latest ‘The Doctor will see you now” video interview is with Ann Bloxwich, whose first book What Goes Around came out as an eBook in the summer and will be released in hardback at the end of this month.

As usual, Jacky is keen to get to the naked truth – What Goes Around is about male strippers, after all – and Ann reveals that it was her work as a promoter for a stripper who was also the dad of one of the boys in her son’s class that inspired it. But she’s quick to add a disclaimer. “Ray is not one real person,” says Ann. “He’s lots of bits of many people, condensed into one really unpleasant man. He’s vile.”

It was a visit to Harrogate 12 years ago that inspired Ann to begin writing, and her stories of how her police procedural came about are entertaining and at times hilarious. Grab a coffee and settle back for a fascinating trip inside the head of a decidedly different debut author.

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