On the Radar: Osman II – Twice as deadly?

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The multi-talented TV host Richard Osman returns with a new novel to follow up his bestselling hit, The Thursday Murder Club. To be honest, we reckon The Man Who Died Twice could set records for sales in the crime fiction genre. That’s our lead book this week but we’ve also got the latest from Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman, and a second collaboration between writers Gemma Metcalfe and Joe Cawley. Psychological thrills come via S Williams, whose novel involves a strange cult. And, it wouldn’t be a crime fiction report without a PI and this week American author C James Brown obliges with his latest.

The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman

The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman front cover

Pointless and House of Games TV presenter Richard Osman turned his hand to crime fiction writing last year and proved himself a winner, with The Thursday Murder Club, earning himself author of the Year at the British Book Awards. Time for tricky book two then, and The Man Who Died Twice is out on 16 September. As it opens, retirement village residents Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim are still on a high after solving a real-life murder. Time to kick back and chill a little, maybe? But an unexpected visitor puts paid to that. He’s an old friend of Elizabeth’s, and is on the run after being accused of stealing diamonds worth millions from the wrong men. Then a murder occurs, and the feisty foursome must use all their detecting skills once more.
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The Burning by Jonathan & Jesse Kellerman

The Burning by Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman front cover

Father and son writing partnership Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman have a new book out on 21 September, and family ties are at the heart of The Burning. Deputy Coroner Clay Edison is called to a swanky hilltop home, where a wealthy man has been murdered and Clay soon discovers links to his own brother, Luke, who is just out of jail. Could he really be capable of killing? Then Luke disappears, which seems like a mighty dodgy thing to do. As Clay tries to put the pieces together, it’s hard to decide whether Luke is a cold-blooded murderer, or an innocent target who is being framed.
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Neck & Neck by C James Brown

Neck & Neck by C James Brown front cover

Based in South Boston, private investigator Earl Town returns for his third mystery in this scathingly satirical political thriller that blends in a mystery involving blackmail and murder. A snooty Massachusetts senator has been filmed with his pants down by one of his under-heel campaign aides. It’s terrible timing too, because Finn Harper is about to be challenged for his seat by an up and coming Latina. Author C James Brown has a dig at all the tropes of contemporary American politics, from the corrupt politicians to the crazy demonstrators and just when Earl Town thinks he’s seen it all, he’s in the middle of a potentially lethal investigation and a vicious campaign.
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Our Little Lies by Gemma Metcalfe and Joe Cawley

Our Little Lies by Gemma Metcalfe and Joe Cawley front cover

Love domestic noir that oozes psychological thrills? Then grab a copy of Our Little Lies by Gemma Metcalfe and Joe Cawley – out now. Grace and Justin have been trying for a baby for years, so when Grace finally falls pregnant you’d think Justin would be ecstatically happy. Errr, no. Instead, he begins acting oddly and then disappears. Two years later, on a day out with little Daniel at the seaside, Grace spots Justin. He’s cagey about his reasons for splitting but is desperate to come home. Grace, too, is harbouring a secret – and if they let the truth out, the results will be catastrophic…
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Girl: Broken by S Williams

Girl Brown by S Williams front cover

More psychological drama abounds in S Williams’ Girl: Broken, that’s out now. Daisy escapes the clutches of The Fishermen, a malevolent cult, and is now happily living a simple life. That illusion is shattered with the ringing of a mobile phone which wakes Daisy one morning and is the start of a living nightmare. Because Daisy doesn’t own a phone, and the message it has for her sends Daisy running to her only friend, Jay, for reassurance. Is Jay to be trusted, though? With The Fishermen threatening Daisy’s newly minted idyll, it looks like we’re about to discover the answer to that question.
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