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Historical thrillers, cosy mysteries, media frenzies, cold cases and fraught procedurals. We bring you all this and more here on Crime Fiction Lover and as if to prove the point here are five new crime novels for you to pick and choose over. They include the latest from Richard Osman with his geriatric sleuths, and a step back in time with Leonora Nattrass and corruption in a Cornish constituency. A debut from Daniel Sweren-Becker, indie crime fiction from SJ Richards and the latest from Lori Rader-Day round things off nicely…

Scarlet Town by Leonora Nattrass

Scarlet Town by Leonora Nattrass front cover

The third book in Leonora Nattrass‘s acclaimed series of historical crime novels featuring Laurence Jago arrives for Kindle on 5 October, and Scarlet Town finds the disgraced former Foreign Office clerk and his larger-than-life employer, journalist William Philpott, fleeing America. It is 1796 and the pair escape by the skin of their teeth and arrive in Jago’s home town of Helston, Cornwall in the hope of a quieter pace of life. Instead, a tumultuous election has the inhabitants of the town at one another’s throats. Only two men may vote in this rotten borough, and when one of them dies in suspicious circumstances, Laurence is ordered to investigate on behalf of the town’s patron, his old master the Duke of Leeds.
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The Last Devil to Die by Richard Osman

The Last Devil to Die by Richard Osman front cover

We’re reached book four in Richard Osman’s Thursday Murder Club series, and The Last Devil to Die sees Richard Osman’s elderly sleuths facing their most taxing case yet. It’s Boxing Day when a dangerous package is smuggled across the English coast. Then it goes missing and chaos is unleashed. The body count starts to rise – including someone close to the Thursday Murder Club. They face an impossible search and some deadly opponents with the clock ticking down and a killer heading to Cooper’s Chase, has their luck finally run out? And who will be ‘The Last Devil To Die’? It’s out now, so why not find out?
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Taken to the Hills by SJ Richards

Taken to the Hills by SJ Richards front cover

Meet Luke Sackville, an ex-DCI based in Bath in the southwest of England, who left the police after tragedy struck his family. Now he’s back in harness, and when a woman vanishes after being accused of taking bribes, Sackville is assigned a disparate team and tasked with tracking her down. Their search becomes more urgent when her disappearance is linked to the death of a second female. When a third goes missing, the hunt becomes a race against time. What was that about breaking himself in gently? The first in a trilogy of books, Taken to the Hills by indie author SJ Richards is out on 5 October.
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Kill Show by Daniel Sweren-Becker

Kill Show by Daniel Sweren-Becker front cover

Ready for a debut described as gripping and genre-bending? Then make a date with Kill Show by Daniel Sweren-Becker, out 29 September. On a crisp April morning, Sara Parcell disappears without a trace. No one saw a thing and the police are stumped. Sara’s desperate family agree to go on a a reality TV show that will follow the case and as the show gains traction, what began as a small-town crime becomes a global sensation. Everyone who knew Sara is questioned on camera but the producers want more. Hungry for twists, they delve deeper into the story and soon, it takes on a life of its own. But just how far will they go to bump up the ratings?
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The Death of Us by Lori Rader-Day

The Death of Us by Lori Rader-Day front cover

Award-winning American author Lori Rader-Day‘s latest psychological thriller explores family loyalty, secrets and betrayal. A knock at the door changed Liss Kehoe’s life 15 years ago. The caller was Ashley Hay, who stood on Liss’s front porch and handed over her brand-new baby Callan before disappearing off the radar completely. Ashley brought up Callan as her own, but always wondered about his real mother. Now, after all these years, Ashley’s car has been found… in the quarry pond on Kehoe property. But the discovery of the car dredges up more questions than answers. The Death of Us is published in on 3 October.
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