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A strong concept will make for an enjoyable read if it’s executed correctly, and so we’re very much looking forward to Oranges and Lemons by Christopher Fowler, in which the murders follow the pattern of the old London-based nursery rhyme. And, of course, execution is the operative word. You can read more about this latest release below, and an interesting side fact is that the author held an online poll to see whether the cover should follow an orange or a yellow colour way. It appears yellow won out. This week we also bring you Mark Billingham’s latest Tom Thorne novel, a Kellerman cold case collab and more. Read on…

Oranges and Lemons by Christopher Fowler

Oranges and Lemons by Christopher Fowler front cover

What if the bells of St Clement’s said that tomorrow morning the speaker of the House of Commons would step out of their door and be crushed to death in a freakish accident involving an enormous delivery of citrus fruit? It can only be a case for Bryant and May, the elderly gentlemen whose intellectual acumen keeps the Peculiar Crimes Unit on an even keel, and indeed they are on the case with the old English folk song Oranges and Lemons as their most significant clue. Find out what the bells of St Martin’s, Old Bailey, Shoreditch et al have in store for them when Christopher Fowler’s latest is released on 23 July.
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Cry Baby by Mark Billingham

Cry Baby by Mark Billingham front cover

We’re at book 17 in Mark Billingham’s acclaimed Tom Thorne series and it’s time for a prequel. Step back in time to 1996, and DS Thorne is not in a good place. A lapse of judgement on his part resulted in a shocking crime which has haunted him ever since. Now a young boy is missing and Thorne is determined not to make the same mistake again. But with only one witness, and suspicions about an odd neighbour and a perhaps too friendly teacher to contend with, can Thorne prove his mettle or is he destined to fail once more? Cry Baby is out on 23 July.
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Lost Souls by Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman

Lost Souls by Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman front cover

Father and son team Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman are back on 23 July with the third in their series of thrillers featuring deputy coroner Clay Edison. The dual pressures of a cranky new baby and working the graveyard shift are taking their toll on Edison, but when demolition work at a local park uncovers the remains of a child, he’s thrown into a cold case that’s about to test all his skills. As he gets drawn into the investigation, Edison soon realises that discovering the truth is not going to be an easy ride. Lost Souls has the title Half Moon Bay in the US.
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Love and Theft by Stan Parish

Love and Theft by Stan Parish

The title may seem a little tame, but this fast-moving novel combines romance with crime caper in epic fashion. Alex and Diane meet at a party and soon their attraction blossoms. But they’re from very different worlds – single parent Dane runs a successful catering business while Alex, also a single parent, is the boss of an armed-robbery crew that just pulled off a record-breaking, precision jewel heist in Las Vegas. As those two worlds collide with disastrous results, the couple and those they love are put in the firing line – and Alex is forced to take on a dangerous job in the hope of saving them all. Love and Theft is out on 23 July.
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Red Zone by Luke Murphy

Red Zone by Luke Murphy front cover

Canadian crime fiction writer Luke Murphy is back with a new mystery for former NFL prospect Calvin Watters and LA homicide detective Charlene Taylor. The case centres around Watters’ alma mata, USC, where a freshman cheerleader has been murdered. Because of his links to the college’s football team, it would seem that Watters might have access to information on the killing that can help Taylor with her investigation. What she doesn’t know is that Watters left the institution under a cloud and won’t be welcomed back. But it’s a team game, so can Watters and Taylor take their investigation into the red zone and bust the case open?
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