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On the Radar — Yes, we dare you to peruse this deadly selection of crime novels landing on the shelves soon. We’re leading off with The Dare by Carol Wyer, for lovers of British crime fiction. But we’ve also got some new espionage from Chris Pavone, a serial killer thriller from Chris Carter and something a bit more cosy by Sara Sheridan. Six books – which will make it into your reading pile?

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The Dare by Carol Wyer

It’s publication day for the third in this prolific author’s series featuring DI Natalie Ward, and in a small Staffordshire town, one by one, teenage girls are going missing. It’s a case close to the heart of Ward – she has a teenage daughter herself and lately Leigh has been proving a little difficult. Then 13-year-old Savannah Hopkins turns up dead, her body dumped by a litter bin in a local park. As the investigation steps up a notch Ward finds herself at the end of her tether. And as pressures of work and home begin to build… and build… something has to give.
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The Paris Diversion by Chris Pavone

The sequel to The Expats, which came out in 2012, finds Kate and Dexter Moore living in Paris with their young sons. The family has slipped into an uncomplicated groove, with Kate quietly running a clandestine cadre of operatives while her husband tries to dig himself out of a financial hole of his own making. But all that is about to change when a terror attack on the French capital puts Kate once again at the heart of the action. This espionage thriller is out on 7 May.
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Stone Cold Heart by Caz Frear

An Australian woman is found dead after a party thrown by her boss in the second in Caz Frear’s series featuring Met Detective Constable Cat Kinsella. Early signs point to coffee shop owner Joseph Madden, but he insists he was at home with his wife, Rachel. She, in turn, says he wasn’t home. So who is telling the truth? It’s a conundrum that’s about to tax Kinsella and she has the added complications of a budding romance and unresolved family drama to deal with too. Out 9 May for Kindle, with the print version arriving on 27 June.
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Indian Summer by Sara Sheridan

We’re in Brighton, it’s the summer of 1957 and in the latest in Sara Sheridan‘s popular series, retired Whitehall secretary Mirabelle Bevan is soon embroiled in a complicated plot. Mirabelle can never ignore a cry for help, and she springs into action when she spots that a little girl at a local sanatorium is being bullied. It’s the first step of an adventure that is about to lead our heroine into a spider’s web of connections between an upmarket brothel, the local priest, a body washed up on Brighton beach and a missing nurse. Out 9 May.
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Hunting Evil by Chris Carter

Robert Hunter’s past is about to come back to haunt him – in most dramatic fashion – in the latest in Chris Carter‘s popular series of serial killer thrillers. Once, Hunter and Lucian Folter were college roommates, the brightest of the bright at Stamford University. Years later they met again – Hunter as head of the LAPD’s Ultra Violent Crimes Unit, Folter a prolific serial killer. Now Folter has escaped and he’s out for revenge. No prizes for guessing who’s his target… Out 2 May.
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Death by Dark Waters by Jo Allen

Welcome to a the start of a new series, set in the Lake District and out on 9 May. It’s the height of a long, hot summer and emergency services are kept busy with uncontrollable fires spreading across the moorland. Then the charred remains of a child are found – and strangely, no one seems to have missed the youngster. It’s a puzzle that falls into the lap of DCI Jude Satterthwaite, and as the temperatures continue to rise, it’s clear he’s going to need all of his local knowledge and detective skills to solve this one.
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