Brexit thrillers?

On the Radar — Is a Brexit thriller even possible with blanket media coverage of the UK’s biggest political farce so far this century going on? Well, one or two authors think so and their books are hitting the shelves. This week we’ve got spies, narcotics cops and a bit of domestic noir for you as well. Read on…

Exit Day by David Laws

The title, coupled with the approach of 29 March, should tell you everything about this book by a former national newspaper reporter turned crime writer. And a journalist is the protagonist in a story packed full of drama. When out of favour hack Harry Topp gets his hands on a list of deeply buried secret agents in Britain, he’s shocked to see there’s a cabinet minister among them. Suddenly, Harry finds himself caught up in a war between rival sets of spooks. Add in a covert plot to kill the Prime Minister and the unimaginable happens – Brexit becomes even more complicated… You can read our interview with the author here.
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Accidental Agent by Alan Judd

Brexit also looms large in this new release, out 21 March, from an author well-known for his spy thrillers. As the Big Day approaches, Charles Thoroughgood, head of MI6, is forbidden from spying on the EU. However, when a gilt-edged chance to gain political brownie points presents itself, he feels duty bound to report it. Is the information being shared by a shady EU official as pukka as it at first appears, though? Meanwhile, Thoroughgood is dismayed to discover a family connection with a possible terrorist. Gee, life does have its complications if you’re a spook, doesn’t it?
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Old Spies Die Hard by Wayne Epperson

Former US Marine Wayne Epperson’s latest Frank Knott mystery has just come out and in this one we get to meet Knott’s mentor, ex-CIA man Bernie Schwartz. Bernie has never before talked about the Cold War or any of his missions, but when he’s kidnapped it seems like someone from his past has caught up with him. Knott finds himself up against an adversary who is like a ticking time bomb, but just to locate Bernie involves solving a mystery that is decades old.
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Blood on the Ground by Merle Temple

Out now is Merle Temple’s latest Michael Parker novel and like Temple, his main character works for the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. It’s a role that pits him against the Dixie mafia and the year is 1972. What goes on in the Mississippi underworld will sow the seeds for many of the state’s future law and order issues as Parker finds himself not only infiltrating drug gangs but up against Satanists and paedophiles. These are stories that come from Merle Temple’s own experiences.
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The Girl in the Water by AJ Grayson

Girls and water are recurring words in the titles of crime novels so this one was bound to come along at some time or other. Amber has a happy life, a loving husband, cute dog and good job on the local paper. Then the body of a young woman is found in the river near her home and suddenly, Amber’s cocoon of contentment begins to dissolve. As Amber’s grip on reality begins to loosen, she starts to question everything she believes in. She’s plagued by intense headaches – and by doubts about her husband David. Why is he so disinterested in the murder? Out 21 March.
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