Murder on the tundra

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On the Radar — Last week, we led with Will Dean’s Red Snow, which takes place in a Swedish town surrounded by forests. This week. Arne Dahl’s Hunted is set in the country’s vast northern tundra. Maybe 2019 will be dialling up the Nordic noir factor after a relatively quiet 2018? We’ve also got thrillers aplenty in this week’s new books column, so read on and let us know what looks good to you…

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Hunted by Arne Dahl

Swedish author Arne Dahl has written a second book in his new Sam Berger series. Here, the detective heads to Sweden’s northern tundra, where it seems a killer lurks. He’s up there with colleague Molly Blom to find the author of a letter. It was written by someone who knows too much about some old murder cases. In this vast landscape, Berger and Blom need to watch their backs because someone is intent on cutting off any more news about these murders. Watch a video interview with the author here. Out 10 January.
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The Banker’s Wife by Cristina Alger

Annabel’s husband Michael is killed in a plane crash but was it an accident, or something more? Meanwhile, Marina’s boss asks her for help on one last investigation into a major banking fraud – then he is found murdered.  The Banker’s Wife is about two women who have lost someone close to them, who both want to find out the truth. But can they handle what they discover in this fast-paced thriller that’s already been snapped up for television, with Rosamund Pike in a major role? Out now and on 10 January as a paperback.
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Winner Kills All by RJ Bailey

This action thriller might get your new year going with a kung fu kick to the ribs… or worse. The heroine is Sam Wylde, an ex-bodyguard with the right skills for a takedown. Her mark is her ex-husband, and the reasons are all personal. He’s snatched Sam’s daughter Jess and spirited her away to South East Asia. When Sam reaches the steamy environs of Bali, she begins to realise that she too is being hunted. Out 10 January.
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A Long Night in Paris by Dov Alfon

We recently reviewed Death in Shangri-La and A Long Night in Paris is another Israeli spy thriller taking place on foreign soil. First a tech entrepreneur goes missing in Paris, and soon after another young Israeli is spirited away too. Colonel Zeev Abadi of Israeli intelligence just happens to be in Paris at the same time and as he works with the French police to uncover the reasons for the abductions, it seems that a Chinese black ops team is listening in. The author is a former intelligence agent himself. Out 10 January.
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All the Way Down by Eric Beetner

Crooked cop Dale is in a pickle, but there’s a chance he can redeem himself with the brass in this contemporary pulp thriller. Tat, top dog of the local crime syndicate, has audaciously kidnapped the mayor’s daughter and is holding her in a fortified skyscraper that he controls. Dale volunteers to save Lauren. Maybe he’ll be able to use his relationship with Tat to get into the fortress, but it seems likely that he’s going to have to shoot his way out. The only thing not to like is that you have to wait until 7 January to be able to purchase it.
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